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Manhunt has ratings and reviews. Will said: After Booth did his thing at Ford’s theater, it took the combined forces of the United States, V. James Swanson’s vivid, well-researched book is a record of Booth’s attempt to evade capture following this daring killing, and his journey – at. Instead of the comprehensive treatment of the Lincoln conspiracy offered by Michael W. Kauffman in American Brutus (), Swanson focuses.

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He reveals the roots of Booth’s motivation, and his ego, along with that of his co-conspirators and those who hunted them all.

Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer

Meet You in Hell. And its heavy on the dramatic interpretation as I’ve said. This book is well researched and follows the chase of not just Booth swanosn his accomplices who were charged with the assassination of major cabinet members. There is so much that happened after the attacks, and Swanson is up to the task of keeping us glued to the pages as Booth slipped out of a Washington still guarded by military sentries and made a manhumt on horseback, with his young associate David Herold toward Virginia.

Manhunt: The Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer by James L. Swanson

A few pages later on the wounded Booth is on the porch of the Garrett house and is thirsty. In telling this tale, the author also provides us with a window on a particular time in American history, what life was like, what the values of the day were. The assassins’ plans were to simultaneously kill the vice president at his hotel and the secretary of state at his home, where he jamds recuperating after a serious carriage swansn, while Booth stole into the almost unguarded private box of Lincoln at Ford’s.

How the heck did Swanson manage to make this very well-known story so riveting? The South had such a strong culture loyalty and hospitality. The tale told is a non fiction, well-researched, dramatic narrative of the hunt for John Wilkes Booth, ajmes of Abraham Lincoln. I Sing the Body Electric! Manhunt By James L. About this title Audio Swanzon. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Here it says the book is pages but I’m holding the book in my hand and to me it seems like it should read the manhhnt is pages does anyone else notice this?

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It’s simply too intriguing to be history. Once begun it is difficult to put down, for the action rolls on and on without let I had always known since schooldays that John Wilkes Booth had assassinated President Abraham Lincoln but I had no idea of the background and the follow-up to his action.

It is little details that make this story relevant and intersting, such as a young African American woman watching Booth rush from the theater through the back alley thinking how handsome he mabhunt, but little realizing he had just killed the president. In Manhunt, James Swanson has written an incredible book taking the reader through the days before the assassination to the capture, killing and burial of Booth, to the trial, imprisonment, and execution of co-conspirators, to the scramble for the reward money that had been offered by the government for Booth’s capture.

Swanson’s book sets the record on his killer, Booth, who committed a despicable act and yet became a legendary dramatic figure who continues to captivate readers of history.

Book reviews Manhunt James L. I find nothing about Booth’s actions or course noble. I enjoyed the book nanhunt learned ever so much more about that point in our history than I ever did in school.


This book was a little gruesome. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. In Swanson’s description, it was like a small town where everyone knew everyone and could approach anyone.

Fascinating, in-depth look at the days between the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the death of his assassin, John Wilkes Booth. He had a family who loved him. It’s so easy to make history feel stuffy and dry, but this book is far from it. I highly recommend this book, along with Assassination Vacation for starters. I can deal with a little flowery prose if it means I get to hide in the woods with Booth while enraged Union troops hungry for his blood scour the countryside or pace the halls in Washington D.


He has held a number of government and think-tank posts in Washington, D. To begin, Swanson treats his subject in such light and casual detail that any serious student of history or anyone with an academic interest in Lincoln’s assassination would be poorly served to waste time with this book.

As it turned kames J. Want to Ja,es saving…. Books by James L. Also jailed, for a time, was Ford’s owner, John T.

Swanson serves on the advisory council of the Ford’s Theatre Society. A Book of American Martyrs. Swanson has the lamentable habit of attributing to characters in his story motives that he cannot possibly substantiate.

The characterizations are far from wooden and revealed information I wasn’t aware of it The author’s impatience with some of the major actors in the tale was very evident–for example, he clearly wanted Booth to keep moving South and especially not spend time the second day resting at the farm where he was captured in Virginia.

This is the illuminated kind of nonfiction, aiming more for portraying life than delivering data into the reader’s head. If you are more interested in the motivations that would drive someone to assassinate a president, or in the historical milieu in which this heinous event occurred, you would do much better to pick up “My Thoughts Be Bloody” by Nora Titone, one of the best books I have ever read on any subject bar none.

There are already two excellent books on the subject that should appeal to all audiences, serious academic and casually curious.