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Mangalore Recipes/Dishes and Articles about Food on NDTV Food. View Mangalore Videos, Recipes, Food Articles and explore more on Mangalore. Dec 3, Mangalorean Food Recipes includes our family favorite Mangalorean recipes | See more ideas about Dinner recipes, Chef recipes and Chicken. Mangalorean Recipes. Kudla (Manglorean recipes). neer dosa · marvai aajadina (clams sukka) · kori ghassi in a jiffy · pundi (steamed rice balls) · kori ghassi.

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Mangalorean Recipes Archives – Ruchik Randhap

I just hope I can stick to it. I am not sure where the two years have flown by. Then I would return back home and try them once again in my mxngalorean.

This dosa unlike other dosa batter, the neer dosa is made purely from rice and combined along with coconut. Chicken cooked Mangalorean style, in a sweet and sour puree made with pineapple and green mango. It is used in most of the south Indian language in regions like Konkani, Karnataka and Mangalore.

Saturday, 10 January Whoever it was is a genius because I know many people who can kiss their foul mood away after a single bite of this amazing sweet. I know that in most countries the season has already started.

Traditional Mangalorean Recipes

So we have very many similarities. Mangalorean Pineapple Curry Chicken cooked Mangalorean style, in a sweet and sour puree made with pineapple and green mango. Mangalore Bajji Recipe – Goli Baje. The coconut-tamarind spice paste gives a creamy texture and tangy taste decipes this dish.

Drumstick pods helps to build strong bones, it is very good for pregnant women also. Friday, 12 May Monday, 11 January You can use any oil but coconut oil is preferred so that you can get the traditional Mangalorean taste in the recipe.


Archana Doshi Wednesday, 25 April I have always loved tutti frutti and used to enjoy… Read More Fried Plantains November 28, During my growing up revipes plantains were a regular feature on our dining table. I realised that my last post was dated Oct ! Tuesday, 02 May Spinach is an excellent This curry has a lovely blend of different fragrant spices, which is quite unique to Mangalorean cultural and heritage.

Recently Served Tutti Frutti Cake December 4, The season of Advent has begun and while it is a time mangakorean prayer and preparation of our souls for the upcoming Christmas season, most of us are busy chalking out menus of the festivities we are going to be indulging in.

Mangalorean Cuisine Recipes by Archana’s Kitchen

With Christmas trees and decorations everywhere, Dubai is no exception. Archana Doshi Saturday, 31 January A few days ago when I was on Facebook I got notified of some upcoming themes for their monthly… Read More Kerala Style Easy Mutton Curry October 4, It is one of those few times when I am still awake after packing off my kids to school.

If you are looking for more Mangalorean recipes here are some: Creamy Mangalore Fish Curry is one of my favourite ways to eat fish. Panel wants names of officials for issuing notices – Times of India.

Mangalorean Recipes

Thursday, 01 June There is so much one can do with this lovely chocolate spread apart from using it as a spread on bread or toast. Serve Mangalore Bajji Goli Baje One of my most favourite Indian sweets of all time is the gulab rexipes.


Archana’s Kitchen Wednesday, 19 April Published in Indian Street Food Recipes. It is made using maida which is mixed with a sour curd, chili, coriander, grated coconut mixture and soaked for an hour before frying them in hot oil. A customary side dish, in any function or festival in Konkani cuisine.

Just what we need for the upcoming Christmas season! Nithya Anantham Saturday, 17 March majgalorean A week to go before Christmas and we are all scrambling to finish all the last minute chores.

Jyothi Rajesh Thursday, 21 July It is often seen in the popular Darshini’s during the tea time, and served along with hot filter coffee. The flavours are simple and well balanced that is made Mangalorean style with added goodness of coconut.

Traditionally the curry is made with chicken. Get the recipes delivered to you – for free!

Smitha Kalluraya Friday, 28 April These Mangalore Buns use whole wheat flour, and are best made using slightly over-ripe bananas. Uma Raghuraman Friday, 22 January These red chilies called as Byadagi Menasinakai gives beautiful red color but is not spicy Call it fat loss or fad diet, I tried two different low cal diets between Nov and July and was pleased with the results.