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: Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life ( ): Oswald Spengler: Books. In this new and revised edition of Oswald Spengler’s classic, Man and Technics, Spengler makes a number of predictions that today, more than eighty years after . Man & Technics – A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life (, by Oswald Spengler. Publication date Topics philosophy, geopolitics.

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One of his fears was that the west spnegler sealing her doom by sharing technology with the rest of the world, a threat that the right has declared imminent my entire life. I picked this up as a test to see if I should commit to The Decline of the West.

The Berlin Review of Books | Life, ‘Technics’, and the Decline of the West

He secretly weeps at the lack of things to conquer. Byhis influence was almost nil, although interest in his work would sporadically recur, not least among scholars of Heidegger and Ludwig Wittgenstein, and other cultural pessimists.

Questioning the particulars of evolution was a far more viable affair in the s than it is today, and with the rise of studying rather than simply hunting animals we regard them as much closer relatives than in Spengler’s time. Declining invitations mqn honours, professorships, and invitations to address the Nazi elite, Spengler awkwardly played up to his lone prophet status.

Akkoord of niet met wat hij zegt, wetenschappelijk juist of niet, nad blijft interessante lectuur omdat het aanzet tot nadenken terwijl je leest. Man and Technics is full of spwngler sorts of remarks, testaments to the evocative style and vision of its author.

Man And Technics (1932)

It made man creative. Never have I read a book so wrong and so right at the same time.

But of this there are two stages. Christopher Norris – – Routledge. In the same sense there is a downward pulling strain from below, perhaps there is a middling push from above as well. Here Spengler received a classical education at the local Gymnasium academically oriented secondary schoolstudying Greek, Latin, mathematics and natural sciences.


I will want to sppengler this again.

Man And Technics () : Spengler Oswald : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

For an anti-Marxist movement to ever become politically successful it must mobilise not only the masses, but also skilled writers capable of convincingly formulating a new ideal in harmony with the prevailing zeitgeist. At the end he concludes: The good rechnics is that he refused to serve the Nazis.

Innis – – Pennsylvania State University Press. Sign in Create an account. Technice the fashion of his great mentor, Friedrich Nietzsche, Spengler gives us what he takes to be the genealogy of technics — from the birth of ‘civilization’ over 5, years ago to the modern, scientific era.

True, I may have a weakness for the vague and sweeping mysticism, informed by Nietzsche as it is, that gives color and flair to his pessimism, just as my own pessimism was once given color and flair by an adolescence thick with albums by The Cure. Indeed, ours is the final stage, the dramatic point of culmination.

But we may now use that word only with a smile, when the dessert comes out.

My god I love this crazy ass German bastard. And, on the grounds of a shared general pessimism about this species known as Homo sapiensI do like him. I’m more fond of Jonathan Swift’s assessment of the species as rationis capax — “capable of reason. Certainly Man and Technics has many things in common with Der Untergang — its brooding character, grand ambition, and agonistic vision of life. Talk of destiny is, of course, not new to Spengler.

But, in the end, a sympathy by way of shared general pessimism is where I part ways with Herr Spengler. Where once the flow of capital was the result of familial or individual agency, it has now become its own artifice, managed over by middling hands. They are a few among many. It imparts a high dignity to Man, as a type, that he is a beast of prey. Stage 2 Speech and Enterprise Speech then arose for needs of conversation or command not thought or judgement.


Routledge Revivals: Man and Technics : A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

He lived as a cloistered scholar, supported by his modest inheritance. Ik heb dit boekje gelezen om te kijken of Spengler iets voor mij was? As such, the call towards redistribution, as a result of the incomprehension of the grander orchestrations of the apparatus. Inhe failed his doctoral thesis on Heraclitus because of insufficient references, which effectively ended his chances of an academic career.

The ambivalence continues throughout the book. We are in our death throes as a civilization. The Arabs were almost too academic and detached, introduced some practicality, but ultimately no more than a small-time improvment of things.

Here, too, he developed his affinity for the arts—especially poetry, drama, and music—and came under the influence of the ideas of Goethe and Nietzsche. Nov 18, Baethan Balor rated it it was amazing. Various – – Routledge.

His childhood home was emotionally reserved, Oswald Spengler was born in in Blankenburg then in the Duchy of Spenglee, German Empire at the foot of the Harz mountains, the eldest of four children, and the only boy.