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Simple Recipes [Madeleine Thien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Thien, Madeleine. In this thesis I will be discussing Simple Recipes, a short story collection by Madeleine Thien from a formal and thematic point of view. It was her first short story. Simple Recipes has ratings and 51 reviews. Buchdoktor said: Ein Vater kocht für seine Familie. Er wäscht den Reis, sammelt ein paar kleine Körner her.

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If I hold it tightly, I imagine I will be able to feel its fluttering heart. He would eat every last mouthful, his chopsticks walking quickly across the plate. We cast a spell, I think.

The way we move in circles, how he cooks without thinking because this is the task that comes to him effortlessly. Jul 17, C. I do not know how to prevent this from madeleins again, though now I know, in the end, it will break us apart. Also, the cover Sentimental, lyrical, and complex- Thien’s writing is beautiful and evocative of very specific imagery.

These finely crafted stories are about learning to live with grief, to move beyond it. He has since forgotten his native Malaysian dialect, and rebels against his own origins. Surrounded by the gloss of the kitchen counters, the sharp angles of the stove, the fridge, the shiny sink, he looks out of place. Flip it over so many times you just lose sight of it, you lose the tail end and the whole thing disappears into smoke.


I liked it but maybe the writing was too flowery?

Every night before dinner, my father would perform this ritual – rinsing and draining, then setting the pot in the cooker. Want to Read Currently Reading Recipea.

Canadian Short Story: Madeleine Thien’s “Simple Recipes” (1)

My father slams his chopsticks down on the table. All I can hear is someone screaming. Goodreads helps you simlle track of books you want to read. He starts to cry. So I stand there, not looking at him or my brother. Shaking her head, my mother takes her jacket off.


He chuckled heartily at Yan’s punning. His knees folded into his chest, the crown of his head burrowing down. How simple it should be. I enjoyed this very much. This collection of stories came at a good time for me. He loved cooking shows.

Simple Recipes | Quill and Quire

He points at my brother. No amount of ritual can keep a sense of betrayal and loss from infusing their lives as irresistibly as the flavors from her father’s carefully prepared meals.

Back then, I used to sit up on the kitchen counter watching him, how he sifted the grains in his hands, sure and quick, removing pieces of dirt or mxdeleine, tiny imperfections.

My brother comes into the kitchen and his body is covered with dirt.


The fish looks straight at me, flopping sluggishly from side to side. I wish you were dead. Or sometimes the mother is crazy, drunk, dying, disappearing in some simpl or another.

SIMPLE RECIPES by Madeleine Thien | Kirkus Reviews

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Simole mother packs her rebellious daughters in the car and drives off for parts unknown.

After a moment, when the oil begins crackling, he lifts the fish up and drops it down into the wok. A bruise on the skin, wide and black. You are commenting using your WordPress.

While holding it steady with one hand, he hits the head with the flat of the cleaver. I was enthralled when Yan transformed orange peels into swans.

The descent is inexorable: The sense of place, Vancouver, is also movingly realistic, making the characters more real, more human, and ever closer for me as a Canadian. Incredibly impressive writing for someone so young at the time.

And I think he is talking to me so I remove my hands. My brother comes back into the room, madeleime hands muddy and his knees the color of dusty brick.