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Los sauces (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood, Edibooks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lo largo de su vida, desempeñó oficios. Los Sauces (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood, Yurbart] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dos amigos están a medio camino en un. Los Sauces (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Algernon Blackwood / Editor: Shantal Lopez ; ; Collections & anthologies of various literary forms.

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Mar 13, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most ominous are the masses of dense, desultory, menacing willows, which “moved of their own will as though alive, and they touched, by some incalculable m Two friends are midway on a canoe trip down the Danube River.

Overall it’s a great short story that reads like a gothic atmospheric dream. Lovecraft whose work I love called this the best supernatural tale in the English language.

You don’t suddenly alter just because the body’s gone.

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

The two stories are short, and both can be read in a single sitting – and like The WendigoThe Willows is in public domain and available via legal download. Two men – the unnamed narrator and his friend, known only as “The Swede” – travel on a canoe across the Danube. No matter the length I do like the title, my cocker spaniel, the love of my life almost, is named Willow. Unfortunately, Blackwood, who was familiar with Lovecraft’s work, failed to return the compliment.

It started out really well, wonderful imagery, spooky. He writes so well I’ll definitely check out more of his work. So, I suppose in a way, the book haunts me. Maybe shouldn’t be horror genre. Their very ordinariness, I felt, masked what was malignant and hostile to us.

Los Sauces

Refresh and try again. As HPL himself put it: So much of the story wa This most famous work of Blackwood’s is one saucee those classic short stories of weird horror mentioned alongside pieces by Lovecraft, Howard, Machen, Bierce, and Chambers as worthy of even a discerning reader.


Kind of story that would make you keep looking over your shoulder from time to time to check if there was someone looking at you from distance or the sound that you heard just now was real or part of your imagination. Books by Algernon Blackwood.

American horror author H. I enjoyed how, once again, same as with The Man Whom the Trees LovedBlackwood pits Man against Nature but not in the usual way such as when people must cope with tornadoes, droughts, earthquakes, and floods.

On the first page it clearly says: The two adventurous men plan to traverse through its whole length, following the steps of the ancient Roman emperors, The Willows is Algernon Blackwood’s most famous story, and one which H. As he told Peter Penzoldt, he found “spiritual terror” missing in his young admirer’s writing, something he considered all-important in his own.

Its possible that the horror elements are just really dated. I assumed some day while wandering through a used book store I would come across this or so page book and finally own a copy. In both stories, the protagonists ventured into the wilderness with a partner s and encountering an unknown threat. I thought I was safe as I opened the massive tome and I read the words in front of me, but to my horror I found myself trying to pry myself from the grips of madness and I found myself shrieking out loud in a laughter the most hideous banshees would never stoop to make.

Los Sauces : Algernon Blackwood :

For example, early on he describes the Danube as follows: It lacks story, suspense, meaning and sense. This is the second story I’ve read of Blackwood. In short, he builds a great atmosphere. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The pair are eventually forced onto a sandy island by rough waters and here begins an ordeal that absolutely defines the slow, steady creation of increasing dread and horror through subtlety and understated language.


Sure, the willows grew thick and seemed to conceal things, and they did seem to move closer day by day.

Lists with This Book. The Willows are, of course, another balckwood trait of the story. After awhile though, it occurred to me that perhaps he wrote it all down hiding in the tent, or blaxkwood the canoe, or in the willows for that matter, and his story was found in a bottle months or years later. I would not say that The Willows is scary, nor does it contain any shocking moments, rather it is a quiet and meticulously crafted tale of being alone and isolated, cut off from the rest of the world, and finding something in the darkness, in the surroundings, that is alive.

I also thought – about times – that saucea should just burn the willows and trees and anything else on the island and be done with blac,wood plant life that wanted to kill you, where they would have gone while the island was on fire I didn’t try to figure out, there was a mysterious hole in the canoe by this time, although we don’t know who put it there, so they weren’t leaving by boat once the fire started.