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Los paladines del Horóscopo at – ISBN X – ISBN – Panini España S.A. – Softcover. Original Comic Art titled Los paladines del horoscopo, located in Luis’s Nacho Fernandez Comic Art Gallery (). Tebeos y Comics – Manga: Comic los paladines del horóscopo (saint seiya) editado por kame. Compra, venta y subastas de Manga en todocoleccion.

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I’m Nacho Fernandez, published cartoonist for more than 20 years and an irreductible geek.

Horóscopo by Claudio Ruggeri on Apple Books

You can see some of my artwork here: Devianart But I want to expand to other creative fields, and webcomics has been always a pending venture for me. Obviously, having to work on so many different projects can be burdersome, so here I am, asking you for help me creating more content with less worries about eating, having a ceiling under to sleep and other small and unimportant things of life!

Your pledges help me dedicate more time to my passion, which is writing and drawing engaging stories. This comic follows the story that started on Kung Fu Mousse, a comic which was published on paper in France and Spain.


Nacho Fernández

Kung Fu Mousse is not a required reading drl enjoy the current one, but if there is enough interest I may publish an ebook in the future. Patreon is a small community where dedicated fans could help greatly their favourite creators. On one side, you’ll be responsible to get great goals for my projects, thanks to your collective efforts.

On the other side, you can get some neat rewards in the process. How cool is that, huh? Kung Fu Monkey will be publishing once a week, but you can help to increase the number of weekly updates!

And get some cool stories, wallpapers and personal commissions for you! Are you up for the adventure? Anyway, thanks for your help! Hope to see you here soon!

Books by Nacho Fernández

Foot dell Every dollar counts! With this level of reward you will have access to the creator feed where I will post sketches about any non-secret project I’m working on. This may include for example sketches about future paladinfs of KFM, illustrations about big robots, sketches about WH40K, cartoons about supeheroes and many other things. With this level of reward you will get an exclusive wallpaper in order to pimp your computer desktop!


The content will be related to Kung Fu Monkey. Or maybe any other of my projects. Or even could be a random fanart! Anyway, you can be sure you’ll like it.

Ars Lamia: Los Paladines del Horoscopo Parodia Saint Seiya | cosillas | Pinterest | Nachos

With this level of reward I’ll share with you small stories not KFM related I plan to include in future printed editions of my comics. But, for now, every month you’ll get to read them in advance. How cool is that? With this level of horocopo you can ask for a drawing! You want double the content?

You got double the content! If this goal is reached, Kung Fu Monkey will be updated twice a week! Recent posts by Nacho Fernandez. Talk to hodoscopo about your potential earnings. Patreon U Creator Coaching.