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Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A NEW EDITION OF A COLLECTION OF. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. true. Review. Essential for all sf collections. –Library The Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga) by [Bujold, Lois McMaster]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Borders of Infinity (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Readers will cherish the.

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The way he overcomes his shortcomings is even better. Short stories never build the same kind of momentum, and never really aim to, and that leaves me kind of cold. This is my favourite story of the three, and for me it filled in the question mark a later book, Memoryhad left, when Miles returns to the site of the baby’s grave during his mid-life crisis.

His values are sound, his friendships true, and his escapades alternatively fascinating, worrisome, and hilarious. The same with the next story – he is to get one prisoner of war out of a jail, but decides he is breaking out all the prisoners instead. I can’t believe how well and how completely Bujold created a world within the dome.

Chronologically the first novel goes between books 4 and 5 and the second and third between 7 and 8. Oct 10, Justine rated it really liked it Shelves: Overall 4 star rating.

The first story is a whodunit, that I reviewed separately. Miles is his usual self, bullshitting his way to a position of power, and he meets several people who see straight through him near immediately, which I found to be very satisfying, especially since lkis of them saw through him in a different way. Miles will always choose those things, and it’s a source of frustration with me because of course it’s only going to end badly, of course he’s only going to break himself in the trying.


Do the Cetagandans ever get nailed for their mendacity and lose their “good prison” status? No sex, the murder is before the story, and minimal violence.

Borders of Infinity by Lois McMaster Bujold

Miles being Miles, he sets about restoring order armed with nothing but the force of his personality literally no The Borders of Infinity is another Miles Vorkosigan novella like The Mountains of Mourning and Labyrinthrather than a full-length novel.

The most notable aspect of this story is that it is not really funny like most of the Vorkosigan stories are. But I rarely pick up these cmmaster novellas for another go. My adult self looks at it and thinks, with a grin, “Holy crap, I can’t believe Bujold wrote underage teenage werewolf sex and made it sweet and touching. For full reviews, see links below 1. Read more Read less. Mountains of Mourning – 5 stars.

There is a woman named Beatrice who at the end leads Miles up the ramp of the shuttle the ramp has been damaged and Beatrice falls to her death. Borders of Infinity – 3 stars. They’ve constructed a prison in which bujole single one of the lines in galactic law for how to treat POW is being implemented.

Power is held by Houses, each with its own business interests—weaponry, genetics, etc. And when he discovers that his targeted rescue is nearly dead, his whole game plan changes.

Borders of Infinity by Lois McMaster Bujold – Baen Ebooks

In it, Miles wakes to find himself in Hell, no wait, a domed Cetagandan prison camp that might as well be. Originally charged with killing what Dr. Trivia About Borders of Infini I chuckle at his fascination with tall, strong-willed redheads. This might be my fa I enjoyed all three of the novellas in the collection a lot. Philosophy, theology, and human psychology overlap with technology and I would be inclined to take hardened criminals over generically-bred superhumans, but this is just me.


Fast paced, engaging, and so, so sad. Miles is thrown into a prison dome by the Cetagandans to join other prisoners of war who have sunk into despair and some into depravity in sparse, barely legal conditions.

Barrayarans are descendants of Russian, English, French, and Greek colonists. They loomed down out of the infinlty scarlet-tinged clouds like monstrous beetles, carapaced and winged, feet extending even as bujole watched. I gave the collection 2 stars because I prefer Miles in his cocky, adventurous mode, not the more somber tones of these stories.

This collection seems essential. Gripping, amusing, so so smart. However, in this case, since these are part of the Miles Vorkosigan saga and we’re all familiar with him, his background, and his environment by nowI loved them.

Borders of Infinity

Seriously there was no need for this mix of chronologically different tales – and this is mcmastter only reason for 1 star less from otherwise practically perfect read. All three give wonderful insights into the demons that drive Miles, in a way that maybe isn’t as obvious in the novels.

Oct 27, Margot rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mirror Dance Vorkosigan Saga. The leap of faith. Still, anything to do with Miles is twisted.

Some profound statements and commentary on interpersonal dynamics and human behavior power, conflict, struggle, the common good