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Record – An assessment of the Litwin and Stringer Organization Climate Questionnaire. Article in Personnel Psychology 28(1) – 38 · December. employees and an organisational climate questionnaire was constructed. The .. The Litwin and Stringer Organizational Climate Questionnaire (LSOCQ) is a. Abbreviation: LSOCQ (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form: Litwin and Stringer Organizational Climate Questionnaire.

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This leaves four different courses of action given the results.

This paper highlights one other very important issue for the measurement of organizational climate: This yields face validity evidence. Consultants, and Applied Psychology Academics for their opinions. There were under 35 years of age, between 36 and 50, and 69 over Like the above they did a wide variety of jobs from Secretarial, Senior Management, to Engineering.

Quality of Service 4. Welcome visitor can you Login or Create an Account. The fact that the alphas are almost identical across the eight nations sampled one British and seven European attests to the use fullness of this questionnaire in different countries. This is in accordance with previous findings Jackofsky and Slocum The definition of organisational climate has lead to considerable debate and something of a proliferation of measures.

Questionnaire A item questionnaire was devised after extensive piloting. Third, correlation between significant and occasionally negative. This is due to both conceptual and pragmatic reasons. Correlations in Brackets are between agreement and importance ratings.

Conflict Management 5 0. There are a number of answers to this: The survey has 22 items designed to measure organisational climate. There were 84 under 35 years of age, 86 between 36 and 50 and 34 over A major criterion of the success of any questionnaire is its reliability. Interest in Money Questionnaire. The aim of this research was to develop a robust, multi-dimensional, fully psychometrised questionnaire able to be used in a wide variety of organisations and various different countries for both descriptive and predictive purposes.


Few researcher and model builders have acknowledge that the climate may be both an independent and dependent variable simultaneously.

The Corporate Climate Questionnaire

Perhaps questionnwire most fundamental question to be asked is why devise a new measure given that a number already exist? Presently available categorical and dimensional questionnaire measures were described and evaluated and a brief but critical review of the organisational climate literature executed.

Second, some of the dimensions of climate measured by other scales seem to reflect a lack conceptual clarity as to what the nature of climate really is. Integration of climate and leadership: This dimension of climate is of no consideration.

Items were written for each dimension. A third major problem in the area concerns the issue of measurement of climate or employee perception. Cljmate, age location, job function and nationality yielded minimal differences but seniority did See Table 4.

Second, whereas some dimensions.

The Corporate Climate Questionnaire

Many changes were made: A review of theory and research. Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire. Examples of this approach can be seen in the work of Ginsbergwho described three basic climates inception, post-entrepreneurial and bureaucratic and Halpin and Croft who felt climates could be categorised as either open autonomous, controlled, familiar, paternal or closed. An important but related issue concerns the amount of consensus within an organisation concerning the perceived climate.


Secondly the questionnaire is multi-dimensional in the sense that is assesses different facets of the organisation as perceived by the employees. However, pilot wok suggested that an acquiescence response set was not operating to organizaional significant degree. Hence various correlational matrices were calculated. Scale development and validation. Relationship to organizational Climate and job satisfaction.

Toward the measure of organizational practices: Quality of Service 4 0.

There are numerous ways of measuring organisational climate. In all were full-time, had been with the organisation less than 5 years, 65 between 5 and 15 years and over 15 years. Academy of Management Journal 20, Naturally, employee perceptions differ within an organisation as oryanizational function of seniority, department, etc.

Hence the term Employee Perception Questionnaire. They did a wide variety of jobs from Secretarial to Engineering. Those need to be considered by change agents as they may represent misguided effort.

Yet it is important that if any additional scales are used that their psychometric properties should be assessed. One difference which did emerge however is quite predictable and expected – namely between seniority and perceived climate.