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This didn’t just happen. In Life Inc., award-winning writer, documentary filmmaker, and scholar Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations went from a. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations. Life Inc. is as fluent and well-researched as any of his books – but its target is too large, and too badly constructed to help us much. In a heaving.

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Rushkoff drew having interpreted information a particular urshkoff. Return to Book Page. This book was a severe disappointment. Quotes from Life Inc.: Rushkoff seems split over a chronological or thematic organization to his argument … so he kind of goes for both. No matter what your political perspective, you should be out there working to make your local community, school, whatever a better place for you and your family and neighbors.

As we all know doutlas do we? Eyeball hours served as the natural resource that became a “property” to be hoarded. So on this front, I enjoyed reading him, even if he was preaching to the choir. During the famous dog-food-poisoning crisis ofworried consumers called their dog-food companies for information.

This activity favored generalization instead of specialization: Rushkoff is also a good non-fiction storyteller, and a sincere one. Whether others agreed with this idea or not was irrelevant, in a sense. Throughout the books it seems Rushkoff makes stuff up just to prove his point. Probably not going to read anymore of his upstream books anymore.

That said, Rushkoff did have some new information for me on the way money systems are controlled in our modern world, vs. To talk of this period as some sort of pastoral utopia is utter nonsense. When your business is basically a name on debt—as most of the Fortune really are—then you need to grow incc a rate dictated by interest rates, not supply and demand.


This is possible in small towns but hard in big cities. Real people doing real things for one another – without expectations – is the very activity that has been systematically extracted from our society over the past four hundred years through the spectacular triumph of corporatism. It is a map that has replaced the territory.

They needed only contribute capital. Oh, I get it.

That sounds awfully similar to the Secret or those other self-help scams kife were talking about earlier, Douglas. The ideas are all grounded in history or contemporary reality, and things never get boring or pedantic. Jun 02, Minutes Buy. The second is to propose solutions.

We can only think of one system of money despite the existence of many others throughout history. Then, the monarchy had a flash of brilliance.

A world gone mad

A fantastic, easy-to-read and mind-opening book! We then get to borrow this money back from them, at interest. This led me to believe that many people found this book hard to finish and in many lige I sympathise.

In a similar way, organised religions target freshman college students during their very first weeks away from home, hoping to draw lapsed members back with promises of moral certainty, a return to simpler times, or even safe, God-approved sex. Sound framing of almost yrs. Rushkoff can be paraphased as follows: The more abstract our relationship to home and hearth, the more dependent we became on metrics such as real estate appraisals to gauge our happiness and social situation.

Jan 04, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s pro-capitalism while being anti-corporatism and points out the biases of a central currency vs.

All they are going to care about is the short-term asset value of your shares. During the dog food poisoning crisis inwhen companies were asked where they were sourcing their dog food from, many couldn’t answer. Things move downhill from there.


I somehow feel obliged to recommend it to my students. Of course, this leads to privatization of utilities and such. Rushkoff has done well here. Douglas Russhkoff is a widely known media critic and documentarian.

People and groups became “individuals” all with their own web pages and Myspace profiles to be sold to market researchers. The author has something to lite along the lines of offering ways to resist corporate dominance, such as his idea of bringing back the pre-Renaissance practice of using local currencies for certain kinds of transactions since the corporate octopus has the lfe system rigged to benefit itselfbut for the most part his liffe of suggestions the take it back part is pretty slim.

All “debit” means is the left side of the ledger and “credit” means the right side. Sad as some may find it, I don Meh. Mistaking the map for the territory. Since when the US set the rules of the global economic game with the Bretton-Woods agreement which established the US Dollar as the global reserve currency, the policy of Corporatism has been international.

Book review: Life Inc.

Corporatism goes beyond that, though. Yes it is true that the prisoner’s dilemma was first raised at the Rand Corporation and Nash did contribute some lifs regarding this. At least, we see the world through corporate defined rushklff. Still, there’s stuff that is phrased well. The rest of the world is no longer going to respect the monopolies our governments declare.

As far as economic arguments go, Life Inc is a little bit all over the place.