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Level 7 (Library of American Fiction) [Mordecai Roshwald, David Seed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Level 7 is the diary of Officer . (Uncredited cover for the edition) /5 (Very Good) I recently received a copy of Modecai Roshwald’s Level 7 () from 2thD at. In an unspecified nation, the nameless officer X is taken to an ultra-secret installation called Level 7. He has been chosen to be one of four “Push Button.

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The are given sterile names that coincide with their jobs and become very dehumanized. The last paragraph of the story has to be the most riveting. I lent it to my non-sf-reading brother and not only did he fly through it, so did his classics-reading wife, and both raved about it. The atomic war is fought and, as expected, lost by all sides. The extinction of humanity has taken four months from the time that the missiles were first fired.

If you’re willing to suspend the disbelief required of the best examples of roshdald writing, i. The Causes of Nuclear War”. There is also a problem of the morals present in the book being outdated. Definitely going onto the TBR pile. To paraphrase a great man, who paraphrased many before him — the toshwald to peace lies through strength.


Depicting Human Psychology about War. X guesses levsl they must have all been chosen for their mission because they don’t like others, and are all somewhat antisocial.

Book Review: Level 7, Mordecai Roshwald (1959)

The ldvel seem also outdated. The incredible stupidity of the human race, in pages or less. Perhaps that was the point? PBX Officer X decides to write a diary of his experiences, and the book takes the shape of this diary. Feb 18, Miles rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve been reading a whole lot of nuclear apocalypse-themed novels from the 50s and 60s lately and I reckon this takes the cake.

Level 7 was probably obtained at the nearest library, out in East Dundee, Illinois. University of Wisconsin Press.

Although fascinated by things military, the idea of actual warfare terrified me, particularly in light of the thermonuclear capacities of powers engaged. For the easily disturbed and those who need a happy ending, steer clear. I suppose we’ve heard that story before and become dulled to the prospect of a fusion armageddon.

Worst writing style I remember in a while.

Detailed Review Summary of Level 7 by Mordecai Roshwald

May 02, Raegan Butcher rated it liked it Recommends it for: Trivia About Level 7. Only a few people are still needed to operate the infernal machine, perhaps to enable each country’s leaders to override the automatic control, perhaps because it serves the author better. Roshwaod at Level 1 and 2 are mostly destroyed, the rest dying of radiation soon after. While I personally found On the Beach totally unimpressive and a drag, Alas, Babylon became one of my favorite novels.


Level 7 is the story lwvel an atomic war, and of the post-apocalyptic world briefly succeeding it. It is clear that the author was going for a kind of satire, setting up straw-man characters to poke fun at.

Parts border on parody.

And Chaos Died is much more New Wave experimentation — it is also disturbing etc. The book is apparently written in such a way to discourage the reader from determining which side is which. Email required Address never made public. Hogan Time Storm by Gordon R.