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What if WWII went the other way? In this alternative-history novel, Deighton imagines a chilling world where British Command surrendered to the Nazis in SS-GB [Len Deighton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What if WWII went the other way? In this alternative-history novel, Deighton. : SS-GB: Nazi-Occupied Britain (): Len Deighton: Books.

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In the country districts there are bigger groups, who ambush German motorized patrols. This, not the more celebrated Einstein letter, was the genesis of the Manhattan Project.

I’m tempted to say I liked this better than Fatherland, but I just reread my review of that and apparently I really liked that one too. Views Read Edit View history. The final hundred pages are an absolute joy to read and nothing short of a masterpiece.

I have recently read a couple of Deighton’s zs spy novels from the sixties and I wanted to see how the novel had aged. The very look of daily life is a walking nightmare of German uniforms, artifacts, regulations. Deighton was born in Marylebone, London, in While Deighton deighfon with his female characters – really, they seem to exist as empty c A really interesting premise: All in all, a page-turner and probably quite better than Jo Walton’s Ha’penny and farthing.

As Mr Deighton mentions, the idea of a murder investigation is the ideal premise for this type of story. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I still cannot quite decide what the man is. Great r As a guilty pleasure I have always enjoyed alternate history novels, I guess something about them stirs up a ‘what if?


A chilling look at what could have happened if the Nazis had successfully invaded England. The original murder that Archer is trying to solve is mostly forgotten amongst bureaucratic jargon and a n Whilst I enjoyed the alternative history set up of SS-GB, I feel Deighton failed to capitalise on it and instead created a look-warm and frankly humdrum account of a Nazi Britain.

Where does the genre go from here? Len Deighton wrote the book I wanted to read with his customary flair, and I am thrilled with the results! I do not know if I will ever read it again, but I still enjoyed it. That makes it something special.

Deighton does a great job in describing a Nazi-occupied Great Britain. This book was a delight to read! Archer is trying to investigate a murder, which turns out to be far more complicated than it first appeared.

Britain has surrendered to the Nazis, who have won the war and occupy Britain, led by a puppet government. Nov 23, William rated it really liked it. Some Germans who are as strict as expected, but is there another purpose to their madness? But there are others working in hope, in secret, and desperate danger, against the invader. My youngest brother had it on his shelf, which inspired me to read it.

There are no real facts for the average people just rumor and innuendo. If any young people doubt deighon, SS-GB will be a terrifying wakeup call.

Deighton has a superb and authoritative grasp of the geography and culture of London during the war era. Even the Nazis refuse to be cast as genocidal monsters; merely self-interested conquerors who are taking advantage of the moment to loot everything not nailed down.


Please try again later. Oct 18, christa rated it dejghton liked it.

SS-GB: In-depth review of the book by Len Deighton and the BBC TV miniseries

He wasn’t out deightonn show how this world his world would have been so much better if only events or political doctrines had happened differently. Huth lives up to the reputation of the SS for arrogance and ruthlessness.

About the Author Bestselling British author Len Deighton is known for deighfon complex, nuanced espionage thrillers, beginning with his very first novel, “The Ipcress File. There is the prerequisite female love interest — two actually.

SS-GB and the what-if novels that alter history

In the latter anything can happen; in the former what ensues is all the more disturbing for the outward familiarity of the landscape in which it takes place. The resistance leaders wanted either the Queen or one of the Princesses in power, and that could only happen if the King were removed.

Whose side will Archer choose? Anyway with this one I feel like a real winner. Read more Read bb. Already, in England, it has become Len Deighton’s greatest best seller.