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NEW YORK CITY La Hija de Rappaccini Gotham Chamber Opera 6/17/13 T he Brooklyn Botanic Garden made a most appropriate selection for the first opera. ABSTRACT. In his drama, La hija de Rappaccini (written in ), Octavio Paz re – creates Hawthorne’s tale, “Rappaccini’s Daughter” (first published in ). In a Gotham Opera production of ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’ at Greystone Mansion, much of what makes Daniel Catán’s work remarkable comes.

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Beatriz enters and Rappaccini shares his vision with her, then leaves. His flair for dramatic orchestration, as well as his melodic language, is an update on the tradition of Puccini and Respighi [with a] lushness of the score.

The doctor tells Giovanni that he wishes to be friends. Rappaccini arrives and Beatriz runs away. Our website uses cookies rwppaccini give you the best possible experience.

Views Read Edit View history. The Poisoned Kiss Rappaccini’s Daughter His creative empire blurs the lines that are supposed to separate good and evil, not to mention life and death.

The opera was first performed, with some of the same forces in a different staging apparatus, at the Teatro del Palacio de Bellas Artes in Dr City three years ago. Scene 1 On the streets of Padua, Italy, Dr. Campbell, certainly rappaccnii the positive. Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. The actor, who was both connoisseur and also the deliriously over-the-top investigator of evil as the mad Dr. Some but not all of that came through at Greystone. Obviously, he’d rather be subtle than crass. An ideal can be made to serve the most horrific and inhumane causes.


Scene 6 In his dream, Giovanni enters Dr. Baglioni states rapoaccini there is still time to free Beatriz from her father and return her to a normal life.

Rappaccini’s Daughter (opera) – Wikipedia

Copyright Los Angeles Times. Soprano Encarnacion Vazquez projected the heroine’s toxic purity with physical pathos and vocal radiance.

Time has passed and Dr.

Catan’s Padua proved more congenial for the tenor than Verdi’s Mantua, which he explored here last month. Rappaccini, who cultivates exquisite flowers that happen to be poisonous. Opera is not only a great art form. There is more parlando here than is par for so colorful a narrative course. The doomed heroine does get to float some otherworldly pianissimo tones, and her suitor, the medical student next door, does get to flex a few ardent tenoral muscles. Femeninas Chamber version available: Baglioni arrives and tells a story of a beautiful woman who turned out to be a deadly trap.

Still, in the quirky and irrational world of opera, one has to be grateful for small favors, and Catan’s opera is just that.

However much sweetness and color orchestration loses in the clangorous chamber version, marvelous percussive effects create a different kind of exoticism, such as the harp glissandi contrasting with glissandi of strummed strings inside the piano. She picks a rose and it withers in her hands. Baglioni argues with Dr. The vocal lines, unfortunately, aren’t exactly fascinating. Rapoaccini imaginative San Diego production, assembled by Ian D. Rappaccini represents that which is most precious in human beings and makes them come lx to the divine.

Retrieved from lq https: The cast, uniformly strong and obviously dedicated, respected the wonted intimacy of expression. These are issues that have concerned us always and continue to be particularly relevant, perhaps more today than ever before. While on the street, Isabela approaches, asking him if he is the student that will be renting her spare room.


Review: ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’s’ passionate exoticism

They support the vocal lines effectively, but never–repeat, never–overpower the singers. Arts and culture in pictures.

Scene 2 Giovanni, a young medical rapppaccini, arrives from Naples. The dominant metaphor in the work is Rappaccini’s exotic garden. We look into the abyss and experience the limit of our humanity.

Review: ‘La Hija de Rappaccini’s’ passionate exoticism – latimes

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Significantly, perhaps, the myopic musical Establishment north of the border paid no attention.

He expresses his infatuation for Beatriz then goes to sleep. Mimi Jordan Sherin oversaw the fluid lighting scheme. She touches his hand in the process. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, they all were outrageous visionaries.

It can also be extremely relevant to our society and uniquely suited to deal with some of the dd complicated and important issues of our time.

The shifting textures are sometimes compelling and sometimes forbidding, always transparent. July 22, By Mark Swed. In disbelief, he questions what he saw. John Conklin designed a strikingly spare set that frames the conflicts in an expressionist realm defined by cool neon accents, platforms raked at distorted angles and an endless array of huge flower-cutouts that drop from the sky and float across the stage invoking the mysterious sensuality of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Remember the melodramatic Vincent Price movie of ? On one level, the opera can be regarded as just a tall twice-told tale.