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DRV/Owner’s Manual. License Agreement. 1) All intellectual property contained in this library – including owner’s manuals and product literature – is the . We are an authorized Korg dealer and service unit has been serviced and tested by is fully functional and in excellent DRV Late s Digital reverb unit from Korg. 16 different ‘verbs that can be endlessly tweaked, PLUS you can run 2 different effects at the same.

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The penultimate effect is simply ‘Panning’, ie. Long shot that anyone else had this relic but If it has to be unsoldered Haven’t used it years, dusted it off and plugged it in, put batteries in the remote.

Korg DRV 3000 Dual Digital Effects Processor

Quite useful but, somehow, an effect which I feel was done to death many years ago. You can vary the degree of high frequency damping which is especially useful when emulating the effect of curtains and the odd deep-pile carpet in your hypothetical room.

Musically, very satisfying, giving the impression of two very complex instruments at work. Here you can set the echo times for both right and left channels independently, the principal difference between the two effects being the position of the feedback element in the algorithm. Program number is easily legible in the form of a large, bright, two-digit LED. Small Print Terms of use Privacy. Kkrg produced a suitable edit, the next step is to save your program for posterity and, happily, the DRV manual leaves nothing to chance when it comes to storing data and is jorg helpful.

Use special sound-shaping techniques such as flanging, chorus, vibrato, doubling, and Doppler effects.

Downloads | DRV – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

Review by Dave Hughes. However, the indicators for the serial and parallel mode consist of two small rectangular LEDs and these are very hard to interpret unless you learn exactly where they are on the front panel. So, I suspect that the Korg unit may have a problem in the pre-amp department. This is not a new idea, other processors such as the Roland DEP5 put the idea to good use.

  ASTM D2765 PDF

This is quite satisfying and lets you tailor the balance of the final elements to suit the type of hypothetical environment you’re attempting to imitate. Share This Page Tweet. The first is obvious: The second, the one which I usually lapse into naughty, naughty, slap on wristis known as the ‘tweety-pie’ approach, ie.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

I spent a lot of time just playing with the DRV and that was very important to me. As some of the above names imply, the DRV can be configured to create two effects at once.

It scores over most of the competition in that it has more to offer in terms of both facilites and potential uses. Instead, these reproduce the initial early reflections which occur in an acoustic environment and indicate precisely korb size and quality of that environment. Aug 11, 1. Consequently, I had no trouble hooking it up to my mixer with no rummaging around in draws trying to find a lead that would fit.

Running through the presets then, ‘Concert Hall’ sounds exactly oorg its title implies. Digital Reverb by Dave Hughes.

SDD PEDAL – Programmable Digital Delay | KORG (USA)

I’m DLing now There’s definitely a backup battery in there, but it’s model is not mentioned in the manual. Hence, you can set a program change on the Korg to correspond to a particular voice patch on a MIDI keyboard, which is especially convenient for live use.

Next article in this issue How It Works – Loudspeakers.

When I got the program change buttons on the remote, I frv a faint digital sound, as in, something registers at least. Here, the variables are pan speed, pan mode and pan depth.


There are two possible modes here – effects 15 and And this, sad to say, is where Korg have goofed up a trifle. A wide range of delay times is available, from 1 millisecond to long delays with a maximum of 4, milliseconds. When you consider the amount of work and thought that must have gone into this box, all I can do is recommend it most heartily. I have to start this review with a confession: Sounds like a lavatory commercial!

Alongside the main display are a series of legends which describe the global functions of the unit, such as the mode you’re currently using, either serial or parallel, and the program group that you’re accessing. Aug 11, 2. I just wish that manufacturers would spend a little more time roof-reading to remove all of the topying wristaches from a manual before it’s released to the general public.

Other notables include ‘Chorus and Echo’, ‘Gate Reverb’, and the ghastly ‘Reverb and Flange’, the last of which successfully emulates the appalling sweeps in pitch that became the hallmark of many a 300 artist. Sonically, each of my instruments – ranging from the old and battered Moog Prodigy which had been semi-retired but has now been fully reinstated for doing Keith Emerson rip-offs to that giant beast of an instrument, the DX5 – gained a whole new vocabulary, thanks to the DRV This is a weird sound which doesn’t defy 30000 but I suspect I’d spend most of next week searching through ‘Roget’s Thesaurus’ looking for suitably descriptive words.