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With this new thriller, The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers her own message to suspense fans everywhere: Don’t turn off the lights. Kill the Messenger [Tami Hoag] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With this new thriller, The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Hoag’s success (Dark Horse; Guilty as Sin), evidenced once again in this engaging new thriller, is the triumph of.

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Kev Parker was smart, compassionate, and flawed. Jan 11, Bookish Enchantment Katherine Quirke rated it really liked it.

What I’ve been missing. It’s not terribly likely I’ll want to read this one again. Jace does not trust police, so he leaves the scene. From the gritty streets of Los Angeles to its most protected enclaves of prestige and power to the ruthless glamour of Hollywood, a killer stalks his prey.

Tami Hoag is a fairly new author However messeger reader was really good – Scott Brick.

View all 3 comments. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Kill The Messenger Poor year old Jace Damon steps into a case of criminal intrigue unknowingly, simply doing his job as a messenger on a bike picking up a package after normal hours. Even when we don’t really learn much about a character, he or she is still vivid and individual. Not wanting to bring trouble to his brother or Madame Chan who has unofficially adopted them, he leaves but homicide detective Ken Parker and robbery-homicide detective Brandon Kyle is looking for him as well as the man who wants to kill him for what he knows.


So it goes with Kill The Messenger.

Kill the Messenger by Tami Hoag

I was living in the middle of nowhere at the time, and had no knowledge of messengers at all. Who was your inspiration for Jace? Hoag adds some great supporting characters. But despite that, I liked the plotline so Messengwr kept on reading.

At the same time, he has his own sense of loyalties to Eta and Madame Chen for what they have given him.

Anyway, I was disappointed. Behind the hard-driving actions of complicated heroes and villains lurks enough logic and plausibility to keep the high-drama story real. A link to Hollywood provides a burst of fresh energy in the later chapters of this character-driven, solidly constructed thriller.

Feb 28, Pages. Trust messennger instincts to survive Jacebut how well do you really know those who pretend to care? Have you ever read a book and thought, “This would make a great movie. Parker begins a search for answers that will lead him to a killer—or to the end of his career. Nineteen years old Jace Damon has learned to keep a low profile for fear that children’s protective services would take his eight-year-old brother Tyler away from him. Parker is on the downhill slide of a once-promising career, and he doesn’t want to be reminded that he used to be one of the hotshots, working cases that made instant celebrities of everyone involved.

Mar 18, Boag rated it really liked it. Well written with plenty of action and excitement. I also enjoyed the beginning chapters from the bike messenger’s POV, Eta’s chapters, and the sensationalist murder trial of a charming, cheating sociopath named Cole. The more involved he becomes in this case, hosg the more he learns, the more it looks like it could be the case that brings him back. The messehger run hoqg his life takes him through one obstacle course after another, losing his bike and nearly taking a bullet.


Not all that flawed, but he had that potential. As he says himself, he is the prince of metrosexual chic. The ending was not quite believable, but, all in all, a fun read.

Kill the Messenger

A killer so merciless no one in his With this new thriller, The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers her own message to suspense fans everywhere: Other interests include the study of psychology, and mixed martial arts fighting. Buy the Audiobook Download: Where did you draw the character of Ruiz from?

Are you planning on returning to any of the characters from your past novels in future books? I went downtown and spent some time observing them in their natural habitat. Traditional Chinese herbalist shops next door to hip art galleries. Trivia About Kill the Messenger. The mother dies, and her children cannot claim her body. It was a tense and gripping opening for a book that stayed pretty tense and gripping all the way to the end.

The story is somewhat complicated and is intertwined with a murder trial about to begin.