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Items 1 – 12 of 53 Straightforward, clever and with great storage space, the bathroom furniture series of Keramag Xeno 2 presents itself and completes the. Shop for great deals, price discounts and offers on a wide range of tools and supplies from top brands. Shop now in our Deals & Savings Store. Keramag Xeno 2 Cabinet for Washbasin – 90 cm: Made in Germany. Our quality features: You will receive very high-quality bathroom furniture. No assembly of.

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With Xeno 2an architecturally clear shape is combined with the power of nature. Closed today Now closed Now closed 9am – 8pm We are back today from 9am.

With a fl at design and high aesthetic standards, Opale is a completely new shower tray range that can be tailored to meet personal installation requirements.

Rectangle and circle in a graphically pure union. Have a wonderful new year! Closed today Now closed Now closed 7.

Xeno² Illuminated mirror element 1200 x 55 x 700 mm

Flat shower trays Click here to see the whole Opale product range. Are you a new customer? But on closer inspection, you discover its emotional and exciting side. Washbasins Wcs and bidets Furniture Illuminated mirror elements Bath tubs Click here to see the whole myDay product range.

Xeno² Illuminated mirror element x 55 x mm

This product is frequently bought by Reuter customers and rated by Reuter as especially high quality. Citterio fills rooms with sleek, timeless elegance. The manufacturer Keramag offers an enormous range of bathroom ware – Keramag washbasins, toilets, urinals and bidets.


Keramag myDay wall-mounted, washdown rimless toilet white, with KeraTect. Click here to see the whole citterio product range. Keramag iCon wall-mounted bidet, L: Our warehouse will be closed from The Silk bathroom collection is packed with many thoughtful additions. Keramag iCon Comfort floorstanding, washdown rimless toilet white, with KeraTect. With Preciosa II, Bernd Brohammer has created a bathroom collection in a consistently minimal artistic style, because it is clear structures that remove complexity from life.

A sanctuary from the outside world, effectively orchestrated without being imposing.

Keramag Bathroom Ceramics REUTER Shop

Therefore, Reuter customers can generally expect particularly reliable and comprehensive information about the product and its delivery time as well as fast and uncomplicated handling in the event of a complaint. The ceramic design surprises with its geometric precision in the form of a gently flowing inner basin that keraag as though it has been carved out by water over centuries. A unique, fully-integrated and patented water drainage system gives it the lowest installation height of any fl at shower tray on the market and enables the tray to level with the fl oor.

Discover more kerama the citterio collection on the Keramag Design Website. Washbasins Wcs and bidets Furniture Illuinated mirror elements Click here to see the whole citterio product range. High-quality, innovative materials complement each other in their exciting variety. Keramag iCon xs hand washbasin white, with KeraTect. Click here to see the whole myDay product range. The bathroom collection myDay is the very essence of the desire for a soft, natural and feel-good aesthetic.

Keramag iCon xs wall-mounted, washdown rimless toilet, short white, with KeraTect.

In the Ketamag bathroom collection, designer Antonio Citterio combines puristic and natural design elements into a unique and sophisticated Italian design presence. Opale is simple, slim and with a installation height of just mm, it is a clear statement of innovative shower room design.


Pure geometry for precise architectural concepts.

Keramag Smyle Premium wall-mounted, washdown rimless toilet white, with KeraTect. New in Shop 87 last 12 months. Our telephone consultation will be closed from Reset filter Show products. Keramag Acanto wall-mounted, washdown rimless toilet white, with KeraTect.

Perfect for bathrooms with special demands on well-being. Manufacturer, recommended by Reuter: Preciosa II embodies clarity and precision with the strength of an aesthetically sleek form.

It is ideal for providing a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and captures a particular approach to life: All prices in Euro incl. With a design that incorporates large radii and flowing shapes, myDay brings a natural and elegant lightness to the bathroom, while offering a high degree of flexibility which caters for personal design preferences.

Keramag washbasins, toilets, urinals and bidets – bathroom ceramic Whether design orientated, classic or puristic: Kdramag here to see the whole Preciosa II product range. Our store will be closed from Product, recommended by Kermag Discover more about Xeno 2 on the Keramag Design website.

Keramag iCon washbasin white, with KeraTect, with 1 tap hole, with overflow.

Perfect for a new type of freedom for the shower room. Keramag iCon toilet seat Slim with lid, wrap over, antibacterial with soft-close.