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“A Pair of Silk Stockings” was written by Kate Chopin in April of and later published in Known for including in her stories local color from the. A Pair of Silk Stockings. Little Mrs. Sommers one day found herself the unexpected possessor of fifteen dollars. It seemed to her a very large amount of money. Kate Chopin’s Short Stories Summary and Analysis of “A Pair of Silk After choosing a black pair of stockings, Mrs. Sommers buys them and.

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When she was finished, she counted the money out to the waiter and left an extra coin on his tray. Your email address will not be published. She could stand for hours making her way little by little toward the desired object that was selling below cost. By telling the reader that Mrs Sommers intends to spend the majority of the fifteen dollars on shoes and clothes for her children not only stockinggs Chopin suggesting that Mrs Sommers is aware that she has a responsibility for the care and upbringing of her children but it is also possible that Chopin is suggesting that Mrs Sommers also identifies herself as a mother stcokings, rather than as an individual.


The table cloths were even more clean and white than they had seemed through the window. But that day she was tired and a wilk bit weak.

It was like a dream ended. An Embarrassing Position The Joy That Kills.

Short Story: ‘A Pair of Silk Stockings’ by Kate Chopin

Views Read Edit View history. There were a great number of stockings in her size.

A store down the street sold books and magazines. In an empty corner, she replaced her cotton stockings for the new silk ones. She would buy cloth for new shirts for the boys. The way it filled up her worn money holder gave her a feeling of importance that she had not enjoyed for years.

Your storyteller was Barbara Klein. The Sitting Bee, 13 Sep. It is safe to say there was no one there who had the same respect that Missus Sommers did for her surroundings. She could not believe that they were a part of herself.

Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening – A Pair of Silk Stockings

There were ladies and gentlemen, who did not notice her, lunching at the small tables like her own. A waiter came at once to take her order. At Fault The Awakening From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This would guarantee they would last a great deal longer than usual. One woman wiped her eyes with a small square of lace and passed Missus Sommers her box of candy.


Short Story: ‘A Pair of Silk Stockings’ by Kate Chopin

Here is Barbara Klein with the story. Next, she went to the shoe department, sat down and waited to be fitted. There was a restaurant at the corner. She did for a little while.

Missus Sommers bought two costly magazines that she used to read back when she had oof able to enjoy other pleasant things. The question of investment was one she considered carefully. Rather than marriage or parenthood being seen as a partnership with both the male and female sharing responsibility Chopin may be suggesting that for the majority of women their role in life was to look after their children rather than share an equal footing within a marriage. A young shop girl drew a soft, leather glove over Missus Sommers’s hand.

She thought about her day. Ricerche di storia letteraria e stockinngs, VI. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.