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The Kalalau Trail is a trail along Nā Pali Coast of the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The trail runs approximately 11 miles (18 km) along the island’s north. The last time I hiked the Kalalau Trail, I took my GPS to record the trail and make a map of it. If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to. One of the best hikes on Kauai, the Kalalau Trail is an mile trek located on the famous NaPali Coast on the Kalalau Trail Elevation Map.

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During rainy conditions you should be aware of the following hazards:. I hope you find the Kalalau Trail site useful.

Crawlers ledge was also a kalalay wet and slick when we hiked that section but we pounded the mud off our shoes and used caution and we made the crossing. Parts of the trail here can be steep, so use caution. Permits are currently not for sale.

Kauai Hiking Maps

Just a friendly reminder that the island is a living organism in itself. After Hanakoa Valley, you climb up and then descend a series of switchbacks onto what is affectionately known as Crawlers Ledge because people who are scared by the narrow and exposed ledge have been known to crawl across on hands and knees. After a long hike in, set up Camp, brought some whiskey down to the beach for sunset and while the sun was setting I kalaalau to my best friend.


There is guava every where. Kalalau is an amazing place; it used to be home to over 6, indigenous people who lived sustainably off the land.

The path can also become loose and crumbly. Does the iPhone 4 GPS work even without cellular service? Do you have amp on books where to get guides on this type of hiking.

Red Hill is the gateway to Kalalau, a large cinder cone guarding the entrance. Make sure to bring a hammock. I found it very hard to find good information on the Internet about the trail.

Kauai Hiking Maps Kauai. Summer weather May to October normally brings steady tradewinds and occasional showers while winter weather October to May is less predictable.

Hiking the Kalalau Trail is recommended for advanced hikers and after the first couple miles you will understand why. Even in the summertime, when the beach is deep with white sand, people frail venture along the lava rock shelves on both ends of the beach.

Hello Andy, I just want to thank you for the maps you provided, especially the altitude map. Drank 0z water and it was barely enough.

Hanakapiai Beach learn more. Camping is only permitted at a forested streamside campsite Hanakoa Valley 6 mile mark and Kalalau Beach. If you are doing a ,ap hike past Hanakapiai, this a good place to turn trrail and head for the trailhead. The hike begins at Ke’e beach, at the end of the road on Kauai’s North shore. At mile 2, the trail leaves the beach and heads up a strenuous climb for about the next mile.

So smart phones are great as GPSes for day-hikes, but not for overnight backpacking—unless you have some sort of solar recharger but I looked into those too and never found a good one. A liter of water can be sterilized in a couple of minutes.


Trail Information

Portions of the trail in this section are very narrow and the drop-off on the ocean side is severe. Start really early so you can have the trail to yourself and enjoy sunrise!

The authorized camping areas along the trail do not have tables or drinking water. Of course, if you grew up hiking to Kalalau and back, then it is a nice place to take a break and have a snack just make sure that there are no mountain goats crossing above you, as rock fall from goats can be quite dangerous.

Only did the first two miles to beach, full of gorgeous views the whole way. Are there enough water sources available to travel with 3L of water and my filteration system for two?

It gets extremely crowded later on. Road after Hanalei closed till November at least. Another incident occurred in December when a year-old Japanese national was pushed from a cliff along the trail and was critically injured. Camping is not allowed anywhere else along the trail or at the trail head. Also, how long traik you think it will take us to hike then entire 11 miles in one day?

Click to see wider graph:.