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Ghanin Akrawi lraque Prof. Die Technik der Kompressionsnagelung. Selective neurectomy of the branch of the ulnar nerve to the flexor carpi ulnaris destroys a functioning muscle. Early results of this operation were found to be encouraging in selected cases.

Le garcon a des troubles de respiration et de deglutition, se pleint de cephalee et de vertiges. Many operations have been devised for the treatment of this condition, each based upon the canception of the pathological changes occuring in the shoulder joint. There should be no limp.

With the new edition, Psychology is more than artroplaxti a book instructors are looking fora text that students will read and keep reading. The excellent results obtained, gave us the courage to try his in all the next following diffucult cases.

In the second category, the replacement after the nail has sli’pped, almost perfect result should be achieved. No attempt is made to reattach the detached Iabrum to the glenoid rim, The subscapularis tendon and the capsule are sutured back with some overlapping, and the wound is closed.

As the years have passed Orthopaedic and Pediatric Surgery, became different branches. Apart from the fracture of the upper and lower ramus of pubis as well as a fracture of the upper and lower sciatic tuber, in addition to a rupture of the syndesmosis and the sacroiliacal joint crossed MALGAIGNE there was an extended burn in the perineal area; on the scrotum and on the penis.

The skin incision, about 5 cm long, starts at the insertion of the adductors to the puJis and runs parallel to their cranial margin.


Psychology schacter gilbert wegner ebook

Experi’mental fractures were produced from an anterior approach, first of all caudal to the ligament and subsequently cranial to the ligaments. Radiological examination included an antero-posterior view in neutral position, an antero.! Fat embolism was produced by the intravenous injection of mixture of oleic acid artroplasyi J labelled triolein, 1.

Secondly, there is a vertical extension of the occiput that makes placement of the cranial end of the ,graft easier. No avascular necrosis occured in these paralytic dislocations. Conservative treatment should be commenced immediately after birth but surgery should not be long delayed. C’est pour cela artroolasti on considere necessaire qu’en cas de lesion quelconque de la caroti’de, il faut assurer une reconstruction de la circulation distalement de le hlessure. Flexor carpi ulnaris transfer to wrist extensors proved to eleminate a deforming flexor force on wrist and provide an active motor to assist extension of wrist and supination of forearm, performed in five cases succeeded in three.

According to the plan, we will increase the number and capacities of the orthopaedic surgery and traumatology departments. After the epiphyseal bone center had become equal-sized, it remained normal.

The injured lay with his head hangi’ng down. Besides minimizing the operation risk, other advantages are the fact that the patient is out of bed early and that no after-treatment is required.

Contrairement a cette greffe morte, la greffe pediculee est tres riche en circulation et artrooplasti est bien vivante, elle est assez solide parcequ’il est mi-spongieux et mi-cortical. The operation i’s done in two stages, the first being a resection osteotomy of the ischium and the second to osteotomize the pubis and ilium.


The stress is laid upon the possible complications taking place during the induction period as weel as during intraoperative possibilities. Prosthesis inserted fifteen yearsago for slipping of Smith-Petersen nail in fractured ,neck of femur.

Calam̩o РAkdeniz

These, in reality, represent a traumatic arthritis and usually yield good results even though the intrusian may be quite pronounced. We concur and know of no valid study that supports its usefulness.

Material From to 24 congenital dislocations of the hip were operated in 17 patients. He sustained a comminuted teardrop fracture of C Presthetic arthroplasties for hereditary arthritis in the aged male have been found to be surprisingly good.

Psychology schacter gilbert wegner ebook

A black of bone is then cut from the ilim. They consider it responsible for instability of the shoulder in this condition. One can see, therefore, that it is a little better to put in a presthesis slightly smaller than the acetabulum than to attempt to put in a prosthesis that is too large for the acetabulum and which will adjust itself by eroding the acetabular cartilage down to cortical bone. Gelle-ci s’agrandissait jusqu’a le volume d’un poigr.

Of the total number 24 cases had other associated anomalies. The results show that axial pressure of BO kg will be mechanically tolerated ;and should obtain sufticient training stability.