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Kaja Silverman expands on Oudart’s and Miller’s Lacanian interpretations of suture in cinema. She points out that Psycho undermines. Kaja Silverman flyer – Lectures In her four lectures, Kaja Silverman will argue that a. kaja silverman flyer – lectures in her four lectures, kaja. Subject of Semiotics Kaja Silverman has given us just that. . of “suture” (the term used to describe the var- of the suture in film analysis to the psycho- analytic.

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As soon as one questions that unity, it loses its self- evidence; it indicates itself, constructs itself, only on the basis of a complex field of discourse.

Since ideology motivates the relationship between those materials, artifacts, and forma- tions on the one hand, and a circumscribed group of privileged signifieds on the other, that relationship can no longer be per- ceived as either neutral or arbitrary. Language can only be studied through the concrete signifying formations within which it manifests itself, formations which implicate the subject as sig- nifier, as product of the discourse. The desires which most classically inaugurate the Western unconscious are of course those that comprise the Oedipus complex.

If a particular memory has been in some way censored by the preconscious, the primary process will not hesitate to negotiate the transference of its pleasurable affect to a more acceptable memory e. However, Saussure stresses that the signifi- cant semiotic fact here is the conventionalization of the relation between the two terms, not their similarity. Still others ksja induced by a dramatic shift of emphasis. Finally, the suure is also repressed, and a physical symptom, lacking any physiolog- ical basis, remains as the sole witness of the original impulse.

Definition: Suture

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Consequently the representational sutude of each manifest element — i. Freud depicts this conversion as a backward movement: The simplicity of the dream belies the extraordinary effort which must have gone into it — the effort involved in discovering a single image capa- ble of supporting not only all of the horticultural references in the dream-thoughts, but those to books as well, and of trans- ferring to the focal point of that image the intensity which has been generated by at least five wishes.

For these theoreticians too the subject is a sign or signifier.

Each of these privileged sig- nifieds derives its value and meaning from its place within a larger structure, a structure which moreover antedates it. However, both wish and fulfillment must be thoroughly disguised or they will be rejected by the pre- Primary and Secondary Processes 61 conscious. The desires it cherishes have not only been silveran, but produced surure the censoring mecha- nism. We will examine these categories in considerable detail in Chapter 4.


All thinking is no more than a circuitous path from the mem- ory of a satisfaction.

The constant theme or content of this scribbling is the passion which unites her to her Active lover Pinson, in whom she seeks to submerge herself. Benveniste describes discourse as a signifying transaction between two persons, one of whom addresses the other, and in the process defines him or herself.

Kaja Silverman Suture

Condensation and displacement proceed along the paths of suyure and contiguity which link the dream-thoughts to ,aja other and to certain repressed materials. The preconscious seeks to diminish the force of this opposition by stripping the memories upon ssilverman it relies of their affect and sensory appeal — to view them, in other words, relationally rather than phenomenologically.

Because the second of these relations tends to obscure the first, Saussure finds that non-symbolic signifying systems make a more appropriate ob- ject of semiotic investigation than do symbolic ones: It is in speaking that the germ of all change is found. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This topography indicates as well two temporary conditions connected with the operations of the psyche: If there is no such term, then every signified functions in turn as a signifier, in an endless play of significa- tion.

Condensation and displacement are agencies of distortion and disguise. Kaua, too, we are in a position to state precisely what it sllverman that repres- sion denies to the rejected presentation in the transference neuroses: We would want to stress even more than Freud the social nature of both the preconscious and the unconscious — the de- gree to which both parts of the inner economy are structured by an outer one.

The differences are less easy to isolate, but Metz proposes that the desired clarification is to be found in the pages of The Interpretation of Dreams.

It does this because subsequent excitation can be more easily bound if there is a hypercathexis i. It has often been noted that too much alliteration or assonance within a given linguistic syntagm tends to interfere with the operations of logical meaning. They are critical mo- ments in the production of not only meaning but subjectivity. Each of the words always implies the others, in that it is defined by the points at which it conceptually diverges from them.

It only assumes significance within a discursive situation. However, since the spoken subject would be constituted only through the subject of speech, those two categories would be closely linked. The accompanying process of displacement makes possible the fulfillment of a repressed desire through a series of surro- gate images, since it transfers to the latter the affect which properly belongs to the former.


Instead of a supersaturation at one point, which results in an intolerable tension and the need for release, all of the preconscious memories — verbal and otherwise — now contain a very small emotional charge. However, the game is not yet over. Thus my ksja is the sum total of myself; for the man is the thought. For Peirce the richest signs or signifiers are always those which in this way combine iconic, indexical, and symbolic elements [1V. This definiuon implies that there is a reality outside of ideology to which we would have direct access were it not for the myths of the ruling class.

Suture and the Narration of Subjectivity in Film | Poetics Today | Duke University Press

It is apparent that if a gesture or a photograph can open onto the same amount of meaning as an entire film, or a page novel, connotation leads to a serious attrition. Finally, her name connects her suturre the actual Irma. Email required Address never made public. We will deal with the relationship of discourse and subjectivity in much greater detail in the chap- ters that follow.

These impulses, Freud argues, constitute the motivating force of dreams as well as parapraxes, jokes, day-dreams, and neuroseswhich are by na- sutkre wish-fulfilling. Since the exclusive goal of the primary process is a regenera- tion of pleasurable affect, it will resort with equal alacrity either to an object whose capacity to gratify has already been demon- strated, or, in the absence of any such object, to the mnemic trace which represents that object.

Finally, 1 would like to thank Michael Silverman, who read this book at every stage of its production with the euture most of us reserve for our own work. The thoughts have to be reproduced ex- clusively or predominantly in the material of visual and acous- tic memory traces, and this necessity imposes upon the dream- work considerations of represent ability.

He also reveals the ideological basis of those terms, and in so doing attempts to liberate signification from their dominance. The capacity to defer pleasure is a secondary devel- opment. If the content informs him about the image which the subject has of the situation and about the position in it that he attri- From Sign to Subject, A Short History 51 butes to himself, he searches through this content for a new content: