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Donald Kagan, The Peloponnesian War (New York: Viking, ), pp. It was Alfred North Whitehead who said that all Western philosophy is but a footnote. Donald Kagan. The Peloponnesian War. New York: Penguin Books, xxvii + pp. $ (paper), ISBN Reviewed by Janice J. The first volume of Donald Kagan’s acclaimed four-volume historyof the Peloponnesian War offers a new evaluation of the origins andcauses of the conflict, b.

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Get to Know Us. We are three plus years A single volume history by the author of a multi-volume account of this epic conflict, The Peloponnesian War reads a little like a cliff notes version.

Pelopinnesian message is fairly clear: Apr 14, William2 rated it really liked it Shelves: Learn more about Amazon Prime. The post-Thucydides section at the end was more of a mish-mash of sources and quoted Xenophon’s Hellenica surprisingly infrequently.

Donald Kagan

Apr 20, Regina Lindsey rated it really liked it Shelves: According to Jim Lobe, cited by Craig Unger, Kagan’s turn away from liberalism occurred in when Cornell University was pressured into starting a Black Studies program by gun-wielding students seizing the Willard Straight Hall: Thucydides is cited throughout in a manner reminiscent of the notation used to cite Biblical chapter and verse.

I don’t really know why I read it. Donald Kagan is apparently the world’s foremost expert on this event, and his works on it seem unassailable. A fabulous work and so entirely enjoyable that I was very sad to have finished it. Although not all of them are sound or logical, they opened a vast field for the reader to contemplate on. His style is generally entertaining, with a very British style of dry humor that tend to make history books much more readable to a wide audience.

The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan

Where exactly, and what were the terms of trade. Athens and their allies experience major defeats, which is foreboding for the next chapter of the conflict. His four-volume History of the Peloponnesian War is the leading scholarly work on the subject. Alcibiades and the Athenian navy score some victories against the Peloponnesians, and the Spartans sue for peace– which the Athenians reject because they would not accept the status quo with so many of their former colonies, including Byzantium and Ephesus, under Spartan control.


Sparta Athens Chapter Six: It seems that years of ‘progress’ hasn’t progressed very much because politicians today are just as prone jagan hubris and self-serving policy as they were in Ancient Greece.

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A very enjoyable read that paces itself perfectly. They elect Alcibiades as general and he now plays his newfound power as a sort of negotiation chip with the Persians. And the Preservation of Peace.

Meanwhile, the Persians who had promised aid to Sparta are slow in delivering and the price the Spartans pay is costly in terms of money and morale. Due to the original detail this account is also very detailed — often describing what were no more than minor skirmishes with a handful of dead on each side Condensed version of a multi-volume academic study into the war between Sparta and Athens in the 5th century BC, the book is mainly based around a famous historic account of the war by a contemporary of the events often regarded as the first real history book but at many times uses other sources to challenge the biases in that account.

Penguin Books; Reprint edition April 27, Language: Because the cities pre-Phillip of Macedon are so different many people express a particular affinity for one city-state over another.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A war that lasted nearly thirty years, Greeks fighting Greeks. He is also the author of many books on ancient and modern topics. Demosthenes and the New Strategy His analysis is usually top-notch and thorough, although he sometimes seems to lose track; for example going on and on about how Pericles was irrational in entering the war on the basis of honor instead of reason.

He is also the author kagam many books on ancient and modern topics. I had skimmed reviews and seen the general approval of the book when it came out so i gave it a chance. Apr 27, Pages Buy. Okay, he’s cheering for the Athenians. That is the main lesson of this book. The cost of the war was high, with about half of the adult male population of Athens wiped out by either war, plague, or famine.


Customers who bought this item also bought. He has produced a very well-written dense, scholarly work that relies on several ancient texts, most notably one written by a participant, Thucydides.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. He clearly has referred to as many sources as he could, made comparisons, analysed and synthesized, before making his conclusion.

It is written for the common man and our American Empire. Conversations with Bill Kristol. Plato, for instance, formed his political views in response to what he viewed as the failings of democracy. Much of the book is simply riveting. In the introduction, Kagab asserts that he wants to avoid the trap of describing the Peloponnesian War as a metaphor or parable for modern wars or the Cold War.

Great insight and commentary, built on the ancient works of Thucydides and others, we get a full summarized story of the conflict, the causes, powers, personalities and forces that kagna this “first world war”. The Athenians negotiate a final peace peloponnewian they agree to give up their colonies and raze their walls, but maintain their liberty.

I found it fascinating, horrifying, exciting and sobering in that way that only history can do for me. But because of Kagan’s previous in-depth consideration of the same events, peloponnnesian the need to get the story told in a mere pages, the result is a taut, compressed narrative that moves briskly and bears the reader delightedly along.