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Clavell is in top-notch form in this sequel to Tai-pan, the second novel in what will be the Gai-Jin. James Clavell, Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN . A sequel to Tai-pan (), this is the sixth novel in Clavell’s Asian saga and takes place in The gai-jin (foreigners) have arrived, intent. The heir to the magnificent English trading company, the Noble House the direct descendant of the first Toranaga Shogun battling to usher his country.

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Yoshi is one of these. Noble House James Clavell. The reason I loved Shogon so much was because Blackthorne was completely immersed in Japanese culture and had clzvell learn his way through or die.

Nov 11, M. She is a tough, determined, compelling woman, often referred to as The Hag, who is completely allied with Struan despite her blood relation to the Brocks. If people are going to give me two or three weeks of their time, you have to repay them.

The Times15 May ajmes I liked the fact that this book is big enough that there’s something that anyone will like.

Tokugawa Yoshinobuan old-school samurai and a dangerous and cunning adversary; he was the model for the character of Yoshi Toranaga Image: Best of the Site. Tough call, ajmes I think I’ll go on to Noble House.

Jun 09, Jeruen rated it it was amazing. As an agent of the Shogun, Yoshi takes on the shishi — revolutionaries against the shogunate. Reviewers complain that nothing happens at the end of the novel, that it is an anti-climax after the 1, pages or more of time and effort required to get to the end.


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Despite that there is no question James Clavell is an amazing author. Sweeping us back to the enigmatic and elusive land of his best-selling Shogun, he weaves an extraordinary tale of Japan, now newly open to gai-jin – foreigners – and teeming with contradictions as the ancient and the modern meet in a clash of cultures, of nations, of generations.


Like the other books of James Clavell, I borrowed this one from the library years ago. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Calgary Herald27 June The Independent 9 Sep You’ll have to find out yourself! Both men are masters of their trades. And as such, there’s plenty of characters, and plenty of plots and sub-plots that intertwine and jni. But to be honest, by reading couple of his books already, I learned that ends of Clavell’s stories aren’t meant to be “liked”.

James Clavell’s Gai-Jin : James Clavell :

Clvell this books is set in the middle of the Asiatic saga there were descendants and ancestors of beloved or deliciously hated characters from the other books of the saga, and it added to the fun of reading, knowing what will come out of them or how they’ll be remembered, one of them the legendary “Hag Struan” remembered as a mythical character from “Noble House”, here still Tess Struan, relatively young, but already looming and feared, very much present though from far away Hong Kong.


There’s just too many people and stories to keep track of. Their passions mingle with monarchs and diplomats, assassins, courtesans and spies. Some reviewers have complained that this gives the reader no one to ‘root for’.

I think, knowing the history and knowing what of the characters’ plans simply won’t come to fruition because that’s not how history turned out, puts too much of a damper on the suspense for me. Paperbackpages. It has it all: These events, ultimately, lead to the collapse of the shogunate and the whole feudal system in and the Meiji Restoration inthough the novel doesn’t cover events up to that point just as Clavell’s earlier Shogun doesn’t cover any of the actual Tokugawa shogunate, only the events leading up to its formation.

Clavell does a good job of tying his novels together. And there’s the Japanese tradition that the student has the duty to surpass his teacher.