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Blokker Holding and Alteri Investors (Alteri) have reached agreement on the sale of toy The intended transaction is in line with Blokker Holding’s revised strategy announced Lees het meest recente jaarverslag van Blokker Holding in pdf. Blokker Holding and TEDi GmbH & Co. KG (TEDi) have reached agreement on the sale of Xenos’ German activities to TEDi. Xenos, the Dutch. ADDRESS DETAILS. This is a translation of the annual report of Blokker Holding BV. In the case of inconsistency, the Dutch version will prevail.

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Blokker Holding is a retail group with five retail companies Blokker, Big Bazar, Xenos, Maxi Toys and Marskramer specialised in jaarverelag goods and toys market. Although the toy sector has faced a number of headwinds in recent years, our ultimate goal is for Intertoys to become a truly customer centric business, enabling customers to navigate relevant and appealing local stores fully integrated with online services and webshops.

The transaction includes all existing employment contracts.

The expenses and write-offs related to this substantial restructuring operation have therefore caused earnings to decline sharply.

Blokker Holding currently has six retail formulas with more than 1, stores in eight countries and circa 18, employees. The largest proportion of the 1, jobs that are expected to be lost within the group will related to Blokker and Marskramer approximately job lbokker at Blokker and DC Mijdrecht and approximately at Marskramer.

In Germany, we aim at opening about new stores per fiscal year, the total number of stores Europe-wide is supposed to grow to 5, within the next few years. Virtually all our retail chains continued to grow their online business over the past year.

A transformation of this size requires time, and Blokker Holding expects to end at a net loss. The retail companies Big Bazar and Maxi Toys will be sold. The stores sell cosmopolitan, decorative and practical items at surprisingly low prices — sometimes they are a little quirky, at other times they might be tasty or adventurous, but they are always unusually fun.


Footfall at the stores has also increased, while conversion rates are improving. About Blokker Holding Blokker Holding is a retail company focussing on household goods and toys.

Blokker Holding results Blokker Holding and Alteri expect holdinh complete the acquisition before the end of Jaarversalg Blokker Holding lbokker more than 1, stores in eight countries and blokler 14, employees. The assortment includes household, party, do-it-yourself and electronic items as well as stationary, toys, drug store products and cosmetics.

Blokker Holding

We look forward to partnering with the Intertoys colleagues and its franchisees to leverage its strong position in the specialist toy sector jaatverslag further transform Intertoys into an omnichannel retail business, which is the best way to safeguard the health of the company.

Inmarket entries in Poland, Portugal and Italy will follow. In line with the announced strategy change, it had already been anticipated that would be a financially weak year, coupled with large reorganisation expenses and possible accounting write-offs. Intertoys jaaverslag op tablet.

Amsterdam, Dortmund, December 27, The last of the Blokker stores slated for closure have since been closed. Blokker Holding has blokkdr to focus completely on Blokker, the store where it all began in Intertoys has more than 4, employees and recently introduced several pilot stores in the Netherlands. Profits were also dampened by the weak economic results of all retail formats — the reason for implementing the new strategy.

Blokker Holding opts for full focus on Blokker

In December the sale of Intertoys to Alteri investors was completed. Following the holdinb of the sale of Xenos, he was appointed Managing Director of Xenos. Full terms of the deal concerning Intertoys will not be disclosed. Blokker Holding opts for full focus on Blokker.

We continue to work on a strong commercial positioning and a sound preparation for the future sale of Xenos Netherlands. Blokker Holding expects to sell the other companies to other parties where they will receive the attention they need to remain relevant to customers and to grow.


Consequently Xenos stores will be converted into TEDi stores within several months. Blokker Holding is a retail company focussing on household goods and toys. Alteri is committed to introducing new jaarverlag to help restore businesses to health. About Alteri Investors Alteri Investors is a specialist investor in the European retail sector with a successful track record of resolving challenging retail situations.

Since launching, it has competed a wide range of debt and equity transactions including the acquisition of Versandhaus Walz, a leading multi-channel and multi-brand retailer based in Germany. We are confident that the effective plans currently in place and the financing available to implement them will ensure that our strategy produces the desired results. holdinf

The improved customer contact, increased footfall, smoother integration between online and offline sales outlets and the optimised distribution network should result in improved revenues at higher profit margins.

This also creates a safety net for those colleagues who lose their jobs. Among both our permanent assortment as well as trending items many brand products can be found; about half of the assortment stems from Europe. Bijvoet joined Blokker Holding in May where he was involved in the processes of selling Intertoys and Xenos. The first positive effects of the new strategy manifested themselves at Blokker Nederland during the last quarter of Alteri Investors is a specialist investor in the European retail sector with a successful track record of resolving challenging retail situations.

In addition, accessories for cars and bikes as well as seasonal products are offered. The retail chain employs more than 3, people and operates around stores.