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Interpreting ESXtop Statistics #vmware #esx. Introduction Section CPU Section Worlds and Groups Section PCPUs Section Global Statistics Section. VMware: Interpreting esxtop Statistics. Leave a reply Section Adapter, Device, VM screens Section I/O Throughput Statistics. The paper is titled “Interpreting esxtop Statistics“. “esxtop” is an utility provided by VMware which can be used to perform monitoring and.

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A large packet size may improve CPU efficiency of processing the packet. It is the sum of swap slots used in the vswp file or system swap, and migration swap. Adding disk spindles or changing the RAID level may help in such cases.

VMware: Interpreting esxtop Statistics |

The possible side effects are a integpreting the memory cache used by guest OS, b guest swapping. Roughly speaking, it reflects the ratio of requested memory and the available memory.

The VMX world assists the vcpu worlds the hypervisor. See interactive commands ‘e’. The ATS operation atomically compares an on-disk sector to a given buffer, and, if the two are identical, writes new data into the on-disk essxtop. Some guest physical memory has never been used, or is reclaimed by balloon driver, or is swapped out to the VM swap file. Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: For detailed information statistucs this topic please refer to the VMware whitepaper entitled “Scalable Storage Performance”.

A large number of queued commands may be an indication that the storage system is overloaded.

It is highly likely that your COS free memory is low. VMKernel selects to map guest physical pages with the same content to the same machine page. A group statistics is the sum of world statistics for all the worlds contained in that group.


The “idle” group is the container for the idle worlds, each of which corresponds to one PCPU. Yes, it is also very bad. Each screen provides different expansion options. Note that, in this document, the terminologies of LUN and Storage device can be used interchangeably. Ansible Tower 3 by Red Hat August 2nd, Ansible is one of the four main players in the automation market, younger then the well known Chef and Puppet, has been launched in in Durham, N. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So, it will swap out mapped guest physical memory pages to make room for the recent requests.

Please check what causes ballooning and take appropriate actions to reduce memory pressure. The usage of the VMX world is out of the scope of this document. If guest working set is smaller than guest physical memory after ballooning, guest applications won’t observe any performance degradation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The stats are related, but not the same. We will discuss this in the next section.

Each queue has an associated latency, stwtistics by its size and whether the IO load is low or high, which affects the throughput and latency seen by applications inside VMs. The counter names in esxtop batch mode are different from the ones in interactive mode listed in the sections above.

Because there are quite a number of instances related to disk statistics, let’s list a few examples below. In the high and soft states, ballooning is favored over swapping. It is displayed only when hyper-threading is used. This is a per CPU counter. Why can’t we find any vmm worlds for a VM? Please note that a and b may or may not happen, depending on your workload inside VM.


Interpreting VMware esxtop 4.1 Statistics

Also note that A VM may be swapping or ballooning, even though there is enough free memory. Response time is the sum of the time spent in queues in the storage stack and the service time spent by statistixs resource in servicing the request. VMKernel estimates active memory usage for a VM by sampling a random subset of the VM’s memory resident in machine memory to detect the number of memory reads and writes.

Interppreting the host’s memory state statitsics not used to determine whether memory should be reclaimed from VMs that decision is made at the resource pool levelit can affect what mechanisms are used to reclaim memory if necessary. So, it is possible that even though you have enough free memory, a new VM cannot power on due to the violation of memory reservation. In more detail, let’s use an example.

The possible system services are interrupt handlers, bottom halves, and system worlds. They are totally different. The monitor maps guest physical memory to machine memory. Esxtop uses worlds and groups as the entities to show CPU usage. The guest statistcis are represented mostly by the vcpu worlds.