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Command. Shortcut. Open Solution or Project. ⌘+⇧+O. Show Action List. ⌥+ Enter. Search Everywhere. Double-⇧. Navigate To ^+⇧+G. Find Usages. ⌥+F7. After using Eclipse for many years I recently worked with IntelliJ IDEA. These are the IDEA equivalents for my most-used Eclipse shortcuts. Being heavily focused on ergonomics, IntelliJ IDEA has a keyboard shortcut for nearly every action, from working with code to managing UI.

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When you add or modify any shortcut, a copy of the currently selected predefined keymap is created automatically.

Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts – Help | IntelliJ IDEA

To open any file, not just classes: That will help in learning the shortcuts. Mike Pone 9, 11 43 The Key Promoter and Shortcut keys list plugins are really helpful for constantly learning new IntelliJ keyboard shortcuts. By continuing to use this website, you accept our terms and privacy policy.

As an example, say you wanted to know the type of the args variable which we inherited by extending the App trait in HelloWorldWithArgumentsDebug from Tutorial Predefined keymaps do not cover every possible platform, version, and configuration.

Show intention actions Improve or optimize a code construct. Hit again to go even further back. Couple of shortcuts apart from the above suggestions:. Some useful ones are: Debug your Scala application The following keyboard shortcut will allow you to quickly launch your Scala application in Debug mode: If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.


March 16, at Find a class, file, or symbol. Basic code completion Complete names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords within the visibility scope. Key Promoter X is a plugin that shows a popup notification with the corresponding keyboard shortcut whenever a command is executed using the mouse.

Location of user-defined keymaps All user-defined keymaps are stored in separate configuration files under the keymaps subdirectory in the IntelliJ IDEA profile directory: It brings up a pop-up with the 15 most recently used files, and you just arrow down to the one you want and hit enter to navigate to it.

Extend inyellij shrink selection Increase or decrease the scope of selection according to specific code constructs. IntelliJ IDEA has keyboard shortcuts for most of its commands related to editing, navigation, refactoring, debugging, and other tasks. Leave to preserve all bindings including the new one.

Is there an alternative? You can choose one of the following options: If a conflict is reported, a warning message appears. Use this to navigate to the declaration of a class, method or variable used somewhere in the code: Predefined keymaps are not editable. Christoph Steindl To jump to one of the callers of a method: For example, you can try using the following predefined quick lists: Another useful setting is set the keymap in intellij or android studio to eclipse keymap.

Sure, you could navigate to the definition of the args variable. This cheat sheet is also available under Help Keymap Reference. If ide have a customized keymap that you are used to, you can transfer it to your installation. Go to Class, to quickly open any class in the editor: Wael Awada 3 11 The following table lists some of the most useful shortcuts to learn: Don’t forget hotkeyys like and share this page: Try out the key combinations that you use and make necessary adjustments.



IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse Shortcuts

Inspect expression type The following lntellij shortcut will allow you to inspect the type for a given expression:. The source code is available on the allaboutscala GitHub repository.

View recent files Select a recently opened file from the list. Configuring keyboard shortcuts and mouse intelloj Predefined keymaps are not editable. It does a search as you type through all the commands in intellij. Optionally, select the checkbox next to Second Stroke and press keys to be used as alternative keyboard shortcuts.

It also suggests to create a shortcut for commands that are executed frequently. Also, make sure that function keys are enabled on your system and check the following:.

However maybe a new Stack Exchange site could be create something like DeveloperTools. EntwicklungsumgebungSoftwareentwicklungWissensspritze.

Mastering IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts

Your email address will not be published. Enter Mouse Shortcut dialog box opens. Selecting one empty will add the current line to bookmarks and mark the line with selected key. Where intel,ij I get one of these shirts?!? If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.