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The Intelligent Investor has ratings and reviews. Monica said: Benjamin Graham’s last line in The Intelligent Investor sums up the entire bo. Download Benjamin Graham – Intelligent : Intelligent Investieren () by Benjamin Graham and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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Many, perhaps most, investors seek to place themselves in such an intermediate category; in our opinion that is a compromise that is more likely to produce disappointment than achievement. I tried reading it once but couldn’t understand much. More than one million hardcovers sold Now grayam for the first time in paperback!

Graham died in This time I had what I thought would be value stocks. The same lessons applied to specific industries and companies at the time of the writing have obvious parallels to different industries and companies today. The “risk” you take on, in terms of volatility and uncertainty, should not depend on how close you are to retirement, but rather how much time you can spend on researching your investments. And there are some radical ideas, despite it’s age, that fly in the face of “conventional wisdom”.

Market doesn’t mind this, and will be back the following day to quote another price. For public utilities the debt should not exceed twice the stock equity at book value. The enterprising investor is more risk-tolerant, willing and able to analyze stocks and bonds to find higher returns.

This book is amazing. Of course, the book encourages investing for the long t The central Idea that I got from this book is that an Index Stock Fund outperforms other equity funds on a historical basis. This offers intepligent information both for someone trying to figure out how to manage their k and for someone looking to get into more in depth stock management for someone looking to be an active investor. How he explained this makes a lot of sense to me – every stock market broker thinks he can outdo the market.


Guarantees a better chance of intelligenh than loss not a guaranteed profit. And through the articles that Benjamin Graham wrote, I can’t imagine that he is the father if value investing.

I’m a Boglehead follower of Vanguard founder John Bogleso I invest through broadly diversified, passive index funds instead of individual stocks and bonds. A good introduction to the world of investing especially for young people looking to manage their personal finances. Always insist on a large enough margin between price paid and value of an enterprise and it’s stock so that if things go wrong, you won’t lose your principle.

Second, in stock-market affairs the popularity of a trading theory has itself an influence on the market’s behavior which detracts in the long run from its profit-making possibilities. This book has great advice on how to find a financial advisor as well, so even if you are looking to have someone else manage your money this is a must read. Kevin Chidiac Personally i didn’t read any books prior to reading this one. He should profit from market folly rather than participate in it.

Jun 23, Phil rated it really liked it. Most investeren the times, those help to understand the original text much better.

A Review of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – Modest Money

Also The value investors Bible. Jul 25, Omar Halabieh rated it it was amazing.

This book should be in everyone’s toolkit. However, the commentary inteligent Jason Zweig draws from the fundamental messages behind the book to provide more up-to-date advice on how to invest.

Graham’s last revision of this book was done Benjamin Graham was one the leading proponents of investment analysis during the 20th century among his leading acolytes is Warren Buffett and this is one of his most famous books Security Analysis: Market seems plausible, but sometimes it is ridiculous.

A Review of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Most of us know Buffet as the second richest man in the world, but many of us do not stop to think that he has build his great fortune solely off of investing. This book is long, dense, and dry. The investor’s primary interest lies in acquiring and holding suitable securities at suitable prices. The book in its original form is obviously outdated in terms of the specific examples it gives for ways to invest and the different companies it details. Investidren also tells you how much time you should realistically be looking to spend if you are going to be an active investor.


Thanks for the review. Graham likes to find good companies to research by looking for stocks where the investiereh to book value intellignt relatively low 1. Do solid fundamental, qualitative analysis rather than looking at charts.

The Intelligent Investor

Funny that the wisdom here is framed in investing language but, it’s applicability reaches into just about every part of our lives if we’ll open up to it. It does not teach people to ride market waves or speculate. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Risk vs safety Risky investments are those that have a chance of declining in price, but a history of positive returns. The Intelligent Investor is based on value investingan investment approach Graham began teaching at Columbia Business School in and subsequently refined with David Dodd.

This is a good indicator of a stable and sound business model. Provide me with your resume, your Form ADV, and 3 references. Nov 09, Brent rated infestieren it was amazing.

I found the results were very good for 50 years.