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If there are any open questions regarding the use of install4j, please check out its In our blog, we have published a three step tutorial based on a real-world. With the API, it is possible to create extensions for install4j that add user- configurable screens, actions and form components to the install4j IDE. The following. Help topics present important concepts in install4j. They are not necessarily tied to a single configuration step. Help topics are recommended reading for all.

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A project in install4j is saved to a single XML file. Now that installation components are created, I go to the Installer screen and select the Installation components node, that will be displayed from now on since I created installation components. On macOS, you can use the launcher API to be notified when a user invokes a file association and your application is already running.

Clicking on the Insert button the green plus buttonI choose the Add Files and Directories option. I click on the instwll4j beside the Condition expression field, tutoriial the value of the privateData variable to check the condition, and confirm my choice.

Installer and uninstaller context Show. For each element in the distribution tree, you can specify a different uninstallation policy that tells the uninstaller under what circumstances a file should be removed.

In install4j you copy the WAR file with a “Copy files or directories” action. Uninstalling previous installations Adding VM options insyall4j an installed launcher Modifying the classpath of an installed launcher Modifying environment variables in Windows Requiring an instapl4j user Executing an arbitrary executable.

Please contact support for these types of problems. I close the editor and prefer to add the properties one by one, by editing the texts to translate where they are defined in the project.

With install4j’s “auto-off” mode activated, the splash screen is hidden, as soon as your application instapl4j a window. Minimum auto-updating is now integrated and I just have to build a new installer to make it available for a future version of the program.

With the “Set a variable” action, you can execute a script to calculate the value of a variable. Configurable screens are templates that you can use to visually program the installer together with actions.


On Windows, the splash screen is native and is displayed immediately. This looks nice but the screen title and subtitle are still missing! I build a new installer and test it. With install4j you can easily create an installer and launcher for your Java application. The standard output and error streams can be redirected to customized files. In the dialog box that appears, I click on the Insert button and choose the Add Form Component option.

The API in install4j offers several utility classes that give access to information about installed applications, system information not available in the default JRE libraries, locations of installed JREs and JDKs as well as the status of installed services. If required you can adjust the working directory to a specific directory relative to the executable. On Windows, you can optionally enforce that only a single instance of your application is running.

install4j Download – install4j tutorial [2015]

An action is simply one or more statements either preprogrammed ones or custom ones programmed in Java that the installer should run during the installation. As I want this action to occur after files were installed, I select Installation node in install4j and choose Add Action in its contextual menu.

Thanks for replying, I’ll post into Advanced Installer Forums also. These files are indicated in blue in the following list:. I click first on the Configure Form Components button to add a check box to the empty form.

If you would like to check for updates on a a regular schedule, the update schedule registry API makes it easy to do so in your application code. But Sweet Home 3D and install4j provide some options that could be nice to offer to end users at installation time like: Program Files x86 Sweet Home 3D 3.

The persistence of his choice is managed with Java Preferences class which stores its values in the registry under Windows. I have a Java Web Project which runs on tomcat server and I want to run theproject on windows with a single click. All pre-defined screens and actions in install4j support console mode.

In the Options tab of that component, I unselect Initially selected for installation option and select Downloadable component. Easy to use IDE for designing installers Show. Sweet Home 3D stores user preferences and configuration data in private directories to help users to upgrade the installed version of the software without losing data. When i am trying to install my application set up file on another machine then it shows message “The install4j wizard could not find a Java TM Runtime Environment on your system Please locate suitable bit JRE”.


Finally, the single-bundle archive for macOS offers the most tuyorial installation for simple distributions. Each time an installer is built, install4j creates a default updates.

Auto-updaters need a lot of flexibility to accommodate your specific needs. Java 6 splash screens are also supported. Installation components are the basis for installer data files and can optionally be downloaded on demand see below. From the previous parts, you understood that like many other applications, Sweet Home 3D stores its configuration data instlal4j private directories.

install4j Download – install4j tutorial [] – video dailymotion

Selected installation components can be downloaded on demand, so that the download size of the installer becomes smaller. The JRE will be distributed by the installer and used by all the generated launchers. From the previous matrix, I download the Setup Executable 21 MB for bit Windows and double-click on the installer icon once the file was downloaded.

I select the Set a variable action that defines the privateDir variable to add this new action after it, click on the Insert button, select Add Action option and choose the Add VM options action.

I enter program main install4n com.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Textual status information about application startup and version information can be freely placed on the splash screen.

Actions that are primarily intended for the “Finish” screen of the installer include: