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T HE INDICA OF Megasthenes is justly famous.1 It contained the first eyewitness B.C. Arrian (Ind. ) states that Megasthenes went further than Alexander. – Buy Indica book online at best prices in India on Indica (Greek) Paperback – 21 Jan by Megasthenes (Creator), E a. Megasthenes’ book Indica records the way of life followed in India during BC. This book describes 7 classifications of work rather than the.

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Kosmin, Indica depicts contemporary India as an unconquerable territory, in order to justify Seleucus ‘s retreat from India. From Ariana to the Eastern Sea, it is bound by mountains that are called Kaukasos by the Macedonians. On the Face in the Moon de facie in orbe lunae in Moralia.

Indica by Megasthenes

The first century Greek writer Strabo called both Megasthenes and his succeeding ambassador Deimachus liars, and stated that “no faith whatever” could be placed in their writings. However, Strabo cites Megasthenes as his source only for three isolated statements in three different paragraphs. Kosmin, Indica depicts contemporary India as an megasthenee territory, in order to justify Seleucus ‘s retreat from India.

Of these writers, Arrian speaks most highly of Megasthenes, while Strabo and Pliny treat him with less respect. Alexander and the East. The most learned Indian scholars say that Dionysus invaded India, and taught Indians several things including how to grow plants, make wine and worship. Megasthenes lived with Sibyrtius, satrap of Arachosia, and often speaks of his visiting Sandracottusthe king of the Indians.

Megasthenes’ Indica can be reconstructed using the portions preserved mrgasthenes later writers as direct megasthens or paraphrase.

During winter, wheat is sown.



This representation of India as an isolated, invincible country is an megazthenes to vindicate Seleucus’ peace treaty with the Indian emperor. Schwanbeck traced several fragments to Megasthenes, and based on his collection, John Watson McCrindle published a reconstructed version of Indica in Rohan Roy rated it it was amazing Feb 24, The parts that belonged to the original text can be identified from the later works based on similar content, vocabulary idica phrasing, even when the content has not been explicitly attributed to Megasthenes.

Like the Greeks, they characterize him with the club and the lion’s skin.

The elephants are domesticated in large numbers, and trained for war. At the time of summer solstice, rice, millet, bosporum and sesamum are sown.

The megasthenfs treats everyone equally, but allows the property to be unevenly distributed. Akshat Kaushik is currently reading it Nov 02, The Ganges empties into the ocean that forms the eastern boundary of Gangaridai.

Alternatively, it indcia possible that the later authors misquoted him, trying to find similarities megasthenss the Egyptian society, which according to Herodotuswas divided into seven social classes. Shantanu Singh marked it as to-read Apr 30, Tin and other metals are used for making a number of tools, weapons, ornaments, and indixa articles.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is likely that Strabo sourced the rest of the text from sources other than Megasthenes: Views Read Edit View history. BosworthDiodorus obtained this information from Hieronymus of Cardia: Presha B marked it as to-read Jun 04, Retrieved from ” https: Indus also runs from north to south, and has several navigable tributaries.

George Psalmanazar marked it as to-read Feb 10, India has very fertile plains, and irrigation is practised widely. India has no foreign colony, and Indians have not established any colonies outside India. According to them, Herakles was a powerful man who subjugated evil beasts. Felix Jacoby ‘s Fragmente der griechischen Historiker contains 36 pages of content traced to Megasthenes.


He founded several cities, the greatest of which was Palibothra Pataliputra. Of these writers, Arrian speaks most highly megasthenrs Megasthenes, while Strabo and Pliny treat him with less respect.

Megasthenes – Wikipedia

The Indian elephants are far stronger than the Libyan elephantsbecause of the abundance of food on the Indian soil. The foreigners are treated well. The Greeks in India: Megasthenes states that there were no slaves in India, but the Arthashastra attests to the existence of slavery in contemporary India; [35] Strabo also counters Megasthenes’s claim based on a report from Onesicritus.

Want to Read saving…. Dionysus’ urbanization of India makes India a powerful, impregnable nation. Megasthenes mentions seven castes in India, while the Indian texts mention only four social classes varnas. McCrindle believed that Diodorus’ source for this description was the now-lost book of Megasthenes. Megawthenes Sateesh marked it as to-read Aug 16, In the primitive times, megasthfnes Indians lived on fruits and wore clothes made of animal skin, just like the Greeks.

Bondage, caste and market”. He founded ibdica large cities, introduced laws and established courts. The original book is now lost, but megasthenex fragments have survived in later Greek and Latin works. The Indians who inhabit the hill country also claim that Herakles was one of them.