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Il secolo breve by Eric J. Hobsbawm, , che per l’ occasione è stata realizzata da Gipi (nome d’arte di Gianni. Il secolo breve. ( L’epoca piu’ violenta della storia dell’umanita’). by Hobsbawm Eric J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles. Un ‘secolo breve’ anche per l’accelerazione sempre più esasperata impressa Eric Hobsbawm, nato nel , affronta qui un compito arduo e affascinante anche per Apologia della storia: o Mestiere di storico (Piccola biblioteca Einaudi.

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Nearly every page contains fascinating facts and information, even when one does not agree with all of his conclusions.

January 3, Hobsbawj by: This is a book only for people that know history, since on many ocassions the reader is expected to already know ohbsbawm happened at a particular time period.

For anyone interested in understanding the modern world and their place in it, a sound grasp of modern history is indispensable. It is not a narrative and those less familiar with the events would be better with Martin Gilbert or John Roberts’ efforts.

Charles Maier – Wikipedia

This rapprochement between the capitalist world and the socialist camp did not survive the end of the successfully-prosecuted Second World War. Can one who knows anything about the Ci colonization of the Congo honestly believe that there was any kind of moral height in the nineteenth century from which humanity descended in the twentieth?

Will not historians extend the “Short” Twentieth Century just a little bit longerto ?

How well did capitalism do over this period? Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

And at the same time, the rapidly expanding population of the Third World and the increasing international and intranational economic stratification of humanity makes the need for some kind of reform to the global economic system that much more urgent: The subject matter, the times in which I have lived much of my life, offers the chance to compare my own take on what I have known with the far more comprehensive understanding that Hobsbawm provides.


There are also chapters dedicated to the arts at the end of hkbsbawm of the three main sections of the book and devote very little space to explore the more recognizable changes ll the century.

It didn’t do that; not that much on WW1, and little on ul early part of the Cold War, although some interesting and useful comments on both. As long as it’s not conservative revisionist crap, which I can now smell from a mile away, it sort of feels like everytime I learn something about history, it is a political act.

The purview of the historian’s profession has now expanded to encompass the pursuit and articulation of a deeper analysis and explication of the meaning of historical facts read in conjunction with one another, not their mere compilation and narration. I would like to read what Eric Hlbsbawm would make of our current world situation, and seeing as this historian is still alive according to wikipedia he is an impressive 94 years oldand has lived through this century that he writes about would be more than interesting.

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In fact, Soviet collapse was the result of the Kremlin’s deferral of badly-needed reform. So, what then, is the solution? Apprehension of these general trends makes reading Hobsbawm’s book, although a lengthy slog at times, well worth the effort. But can this really be said, in hindsight? History can be written in different ways. Coupled with this revolution in the economic order, there was a social revolution during the same period.

Charles Maier

His hobbawm avoidance of the subject of the Holocaust – much less the term – strikes me as very bizarre. Usually the only people tackling long general histories are conservatives.

Some parts are rather disgusting. What a shame this book could not be a text in schools below college level – yet it could not be because an adult reader can bring so much life-knowledge to the reading, about which a young person would be clueless. This latter category I feel is excessively ironical. Hobsbawm concedes that a return to classical Keynesian economics is no longer a possibility in a world in which the nation-state and its traditional powers and mechanisms to control the economy are rapidly prostrating themselves before the mercy of the globalized marketplace.


This book’s only rival known to me in historical writing, is the previous tome of the series: There are also a few errors in this chapter. Nevertheless, he brings his not inconsiderable training and talents as a historian to the task and does provide a fascinatingly thorough analysis of the age. The Age of Extremes: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

His sexual proclivities had raised no problem whatever in the milieu of boarding school, King’s College, Cambridge, and among the notorious collection of anomalies and eccentrics in the wartime code-breaking establishment at Bletchley, in which he had passed his life before going to Manchester after the war. The reader also needs to understand this is not a ‘history’ in any ordinary sense of the word.

Hobsbawmcalls “the short twentieth century,” ranging from the start of World War One to the breakup of the Soviet Union. Thank goodness there are such people as Hobsbawm, whose wisdom and intelligence has been applied to historical work that benefits us all. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.