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Results 1 – 36 HYSYS Upstream Guide – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) In this Tutorial, two black oil streams at different conditions and. Dear all The Hysys Upstream pdf file in the installed folder doesn’t seem perfect, who has a complete or additional manual for this module? Thanks in advanced. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the HYSYS Upstream option? Software Tutorial ยท Process Simulation Community; HYSYS Upstream option.

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Flow Molar Density Std. Whilst this is not a problem, it has been observed that simulating your integrated model across two computers with a LAN may lead to slower simulation run speeds.

In order to realistically model flow behaviour in a dynamic simulation case, you will change the Mixer to equalize all inlet pressures so that the flow to and from the Mixer is determined by the pressure-flow network: You cannot remove the individual components from the outlet component list. Unit operation currently being calculated. HYSYS disregards the operation until you clear the checkbox.

Center Click this icon to center justify the text for the note. The following table lists and describes the options available on the Steady State tab: Petroleum fraction pseudocomponents may be specified by entering properties such as molecular weight, specific gravity, and Multiflash will then estimate any other properties required. It is recommended that you either: Click the Sort Comp List button in the Outlet group.


To ignore upshream Aspen Hydraulics operation during calculations, select the Ignored checkbox. Energy Stream add ttorial energy stream to the PFD. From the Model Phase group, select Liquid.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide

Multiphase flow is intrinsically unstable; therefore, a transient model is important not only for variations in terrain and assets, but for startup, shutdown and changes in production. HYSYS will ask you to confirm the deletion. Molar, Mass, or Liq. Creating a Hypothetical Group You can create a hypothetical group. The PF Specs page contains a summary of the stream property view Dynamics tytorial.

Delumper icon The Delumper property view appears.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide |

With the Auto Start feature, you can also chose to automatically load the snapshot file specified. For example, at the C: From the Tools menu, select Preferences. Add a Peng-Robinson property package. The temperature and phase flows gas, oil and water are also retrieved in all cases and would be used to set the composition and temperature of the HYSYS stream where the direction of the flow dictates this.

The Reference Stream is optional if you have connected any inlets to the extension, but otherwise it is mandatory and it is used to set all outlet tutoriak. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Upwtream Connections to Sub-Flowsheet group Internal Stream column Displays the name of internal stream in Aspen Hydraulics sub-flowsheet that can be connected to the streams in the Main flowsheet.

The table information changes according to the radio button that has been selected. This method is therefore only applicable to the EOS property package Figure 4. In the Tools menu select the Databook command. From the Flowsheet menu select Add Operation or press F Only objects with notes modified after this date will appear in the object list.

Aspen Technology

After creating a hypothetical group, you can create any number of user hypos and decide the constituent inlet components for each user hypo. The Lumper Hypothetical group name appears on the Hypothetical tab of the Simulation Basis Manager when you enter the Basis environment. The Gas Oil Ratio will hyss automatically calculated if the volumetric flows of the gas, oil, and water phases are known.

The Black Oil Translator interacts with an existing Stream Cutter unit operation to convert the Black Oil stream into a compositional material stream. This button only becomes active after you specified a name for the profile.