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Huawei in stock for sale [email protected] PN/Model Qty Product Description MHRD1 UG01MHRD1 2 MHRD UMG 34 MVPD UG01MVPD1. DBS WiMAX Product DescriptionVR Issue Date V and other Huawei trademarks are trademarks of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All other. DBS WiMAX VR Product Description V3[1] – Download as PDF or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Under the impact reflection and refraction of physical space environment, a transmitted signal is dispersed into multiple signals with different phases. I would like your verified suppliers matching service!

The HARQ feature is a hybrid ARQ solution that enables retransmission of error data to decrease the impact of error bits on ongoing services. If the remaining bandwidth of the BS is below the maximum sustained traffic rate when a service flow is established, the service flow cannot be successfully established.

This enables different transmission priorities. The MS obtains the information of the neighboring BSs.

Please enter 20 to characters to contact this supplier! The packet loss rate is the ratio of the number of lost packets to the number of transmitted packets.

The switching between Matrix A and Matrix B is performed automatically. Procedure Step 1 Query and set the License information.

Huawei DBS WiMAX Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

This type of power control, however, is not precise. BBU in compliance with: For common channels like the Preamble, four-antenna CDD transmission can be adopted. One item is selected or no item is selected.


Paging Group A logical group composed by multiple BSs. In optimum conditions, two receiving signals may be combined into one signal with the power doubled. Handover Processes An entire handover consists of the following processes: The BS offers unicast grants in an unsolicited manner like in UGS, thus reducing the delay of requests for bandwidth.

When the M and the BS are not configured in the same network segment, the DHCP relay service needs to be configured on the layer 3 switching device that is configured on the IP bearer network and closest to the BS. Figure shows the transmission mode. With this feature, local software commissioning is not necessary during site deployment. This networking mode is applicable to operators that have sufficient frequency resources.

The QoS parameters of the rtPS are as follows: Retransmission For an incorrect data block, the transmitter retransmits the check bits first. Impact l The automatic discovery feature is mainly used during site deployment.

In this way, diversity and coding gains are obtained to achieve high-speed transmission. Privacy Terms of use. The MS obtains the information of neighboring BSs through scanning.

DBS3900 Distributed Base Stations

For example, log in as user root. A BS can belong to multiple PGs.


The user plans OM transmission parameters for each BS on the network according wimxx the actual situations of the bearer network and the details of network planning. With QoS, operators can divide users into detailed groups and provide user-specific differentiated and value-added hawei.

The service flow can also send requests for bandwidth in a manner of competition. After the timer expires, the BS deletes the saved connection information and releases R6 interface resources.

AR Series Access Routers. Yes, you can be sure that all our products are original. For example, to query the information of trigger 0 of carrier 0 under sector 0, run the following command: Send your message to this supplier.

Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station IEEE 802.16e CE

Instead, signals may be amplified or forwarded by repeaters. Different from the initial network entry process, the network reentry process involves optimization.

To obtain better signal quality and ensure service continuity, the MS switches to the target cell. Definition Power control is a process in which the MS or BS uses certain rules to adjust and control the transmit power according to the change in the channel condition and the power of the received signal.