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HP Laptops designed for home and home office use. HP Pavilion troubleshooting , repair, and service manuals. HP Pavilion dv HP Pavilion G6 disassembly for cleaning. HP Pavilion dv HP Pavilion dv troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Disassembly Guides. Main board. Teardowns. HP Pavilion dv

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Make sure the cable is plugged correctly. The mechanics of the fans are all the same, if you bought the wrong unit fan like I did, the mechanics of the fan can be swapped out by removing the black tape on top and disassembpy the center indentation to pop out the fan blades and mechanical unit as a whole to swap plastic housing.

To get it to stop continuing this start stop cycle I have to unplug the computer and remove the battery. Turn on the laptop without DVD drive installed.

HP Pavilion dv has known issues with the graphics card failure. You simply pull the cable from the connector. The picture is not clear enough to see… can you help me out? You can use arctic silver on the CPU processor chip.


The speaker cable connected gp the power button board shown in the step First of all, I would like to say that your website is very nice!

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Try reconnecting the drive as it shown in the step 4. After following all of the steps to disassemble an HP pavilionI get to the part of removing the top and it is stuck.

Kindly suggest what will be the reason of this fault. After much tinkering, baking was the answer.

Thank you for publishing this tutorial. There should be a white sticker with HP part number.

Again, no soldering required. And it works on this DV! Followed your step-by-step procedure-great pictures especially the colored highlights. I got my laptop taken apart no problem. Try starting the laptop from a bootable CD.

When i turn on my laptop the screen is white with pixilated verticle colored lines. The system clock is not running, just runs from pm then goes back to 10 again. Can you get image on the external monitor when internal screen unplugged? There is no data cable between the DVD drive and motherboard.


What do you mean the drive not recognized?

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv, dv – Inside my laptop

My DV 14 inch screen model has started to wear out on me bit. Thank you for posting this tutorial, I hope i will manage to change the CPU without any problems following this instructions. I know this is for a home pavipion but. I have a dv, and need to replace the power button ribbon on the left.

Unroute both antenna cables. Not sure what this error means. Somehow my computer is really slow and my computer freezes every 5 seconds on Windows XP. Did I hook something up wrong?

Thank you for the response. But Oavilion have just reinstalled Vista since the partition of recovery. The fan has four screws mounting it into the cooling unit, one screw is hidden on top under the black tape. But a local computer repair store could remove it.