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This is the official wiki for The Homestuck Tabletop RPG!. I’m going to go my own path, and try to design a SBURB tabletop RPG in my own way. perhaps check out r/rpgstuck. they converted dnd 5e into a homestuck. The Homestuck RPG is a fan-made tabletop roleplaying game designed by Zeltaen. The goal of this project is to create an RPG that can capture the.

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Hell for any psionic enemies. As a GM, you’ll have to figure out how to make target homestuvk for supernatural abilities on the fly because all of the classpect abilities are so vague.

Vitality Gel restores a tiny bit of hit points yabletop each combat. The Black Queen counts as this fairly often. See our community guidelines for details. As per canon, a player has their dreamself to fall back on. Secondly, there could be issues in modelling the development of the powers associated with each role, since players appear to become more powerful the more they act according to their role. Actually Mage’s Spheres are pretty close to Aspects Most sessions involve between four to twelve players, with only a few exceptions.

Scott The New World, Part 9: The only weapon currently that can Rupture enemies. Personally, I’d consider the time-travel and mythological roles a much more challenging feature tablstop fit into an RPG. Is everyone waiting for the character sheet, or is there no interest? Unlike most tabletop RPGs, it operates on Redditusing its comment section to play the game.


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Death By A Thousand Cuts: Far outside of it. I worry that modern gaming is gradually shrinking the wide spectrum of gameplay mechanics into a single narrow red bar with “KILL” written on it sideways. Fniff Bay Watcher if you must die, die spectacularly.

The time now homeztuck I’ve had a quick look at GURPS and I think the point-buy system could be a good way of balancing the various possible god-tier powers, but the complexity might be an issue as you said.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! However, it’s definitely an interesting idea, and it looks like you’ve put quite a bit of thought into it already. Again, but better this time.

First, the game master simply chooses the god tiers for the characters.

I’m loving FAE especially! That is a significant problem in the first build, that there is an unfortunate amount of Glut to the rules, and that can make it very difficult to get into. Strife Specibus A maximum of three different strife specibi can be held by a single player at one time, with a maximum of six weapons per specibi.

Again, there are a couple of options. Even eliminating Alpha universe characters, the general size of a troll cast and the human cast is nearly impossible to run in any kind of normal gaming group.

Homestuck Pen and Paper RPG

Or would you like them thrown? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Third, roll the dice to have it randomly decide the character’s god tier. Needs Wiki Magic Love. Something that might take up some time but wouldn’t be all that interesting to them. Thread title currently says it all.


However, if they choose paths linked to their pillar and gain enough features from them, they will gain Pillar features as well. The first segment of the session requires that the player enters into the Medium quickly so that they won’t be killed.


I just find sanity a rather dull affair. That depends on what you want to do with the game. Since aspects are loosely defined, and the class even less so except the ones who’s powers have been specifically prg in comic making sure each player has a lot of freedom with their ‘builds’ is something to make note of.

Regardless of your skills, if you have followed this blog forever and would like to help out, then join ours discord!

FAE would be a good fit for abilities that range the gamut from pedestrian to reality-bending and aren’t tied to any one skill. Originally Posted by Laughingmanlol. Dwarf Fortress Talk 22 tsbletop been posted. Broken ‘-kinds’ can be repaired into the original ‘-kind’ by fixing the broken weapon.