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“Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy” revised third international edition. By Farokh J . History of High Potency in Homoeopathy (p). On the. Introduction. Posology (from the Greek, posos, how much) mean the science or doctrine of dosage. Posology is the study of Law of Dosage. How have the concepts of homeopathic posology evolved with Hahnemann and over history to our current understanding on the subject.

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It is important not to interrupt this process, but allow the aggravation to play itself out. For these people I recommend triple posoloby, and using a few drops to a quarter of a teaspoon of the remedy at each dilution level. Nature of the Constitution — Age; children or older, Physical Constitution and Psychological temperament.

You may also use disposable cups. Take only one dose and do not repeat the remedy.

The way Yomeopathic succuss is that I dissolve the remedy in a glass jar or plastic bottle that seals tightly, and then I bang the jar against a book. Please see Various Dosage Quantity Examples below to learn about adjusting the quantity you take to your needs. In this manner they enter the energetic field of the remedy, without needing to ingest it.

In other cases it can take longer. Aggravations can be reduced by decreasing the quantity of remedy used, and by double and triple diluting. I do not repeat the remedy frequently during acutes, as many homeopaths do, because I have found that if the remedy is working and the person is feeling better, repeating the remedy can aggravate the situation unnecessarily.

Many of these homeopaths began with the 30C potency, which they considered to be low, and progressed to the C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM, and beyond. Double dilute by taking one teaspoon or half a teaspoon or a quarter of a teaspoon from the stock bottle and putting it in 4 oz.


LM Potency stock bottles and remedy bottles. The recommended dosage on the Boiron blue tubes is 2 to 3 pellets. When changes are taking place, whether you interpret them as good or bad, the rule is not to interfere, but watch and wait to see how things settle. Understanding homeopathic posology is not easy, and it really takes years of practice to get a feeling for it.

Homeopathy Posology – |

Please read below to understand how I try to achieve that gentleness. Some people take the remedy once every two weeks. If you need the remedy frequently, you may need to order more of it. We take a look at Tom, a hard-working farmer who was deficient in a number of important minerals and trace The American homeopaths, such as James Tyler Kent, tended to use much higher hommeopathic, because they wanted quick and dramatic results, and were not as concerned about gentleness as Hahnemann was.

One way I have found to help them get comfortable with the remedy and overcome the fear is to put the entire vial or a few pellets of the remedy in an envelope under their pillow for an hour or so, or even the whole night. This is not accurate and slows down or interferes with the healing process. I am also seeing gentle healing happening on the LM potencies. Then a materialistic mind set set in and I began to increase the number of pellets gradually to 5, 6, 8 and even ten pellets for a dose.

He believed that you should not interrupt a dose that is still active. Some people take the remedy once a month. When I switched to dosing in water, I have found that the remedies work much more gently, even if they need to be repeated sooner than they would with a dry dose.


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What I found was that dry doses do tend to hold quite a bit longer than doses dissolved in water, but they can cause unnecessarily strong pisology. The important thing is for you to determine how much and how often homeopaathic take the remedy to keep the healing process moving forward, while keeping aggravations to a minimum. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the initial reaction period.

Some people benefit from taking the remedy daily.

Hahnemann also taught that you should never repeat a remedy until you have seen that the remedy has exhausted its action. It is best to take the remedy at the time of the day when you feel at your best. It may take 15 minutes for the pellets to thoroughly dissolve. Once they feel the benefit of this, they are more likely to accept taking the remedy orally.

Discard the remainder of the liquid on the ground, or pour the liquid into a sealed container that you can dispose of at your convenience. It would be interesting for the homeopathic community to consider this issue.

If you experience an amelioration of symptoms after taking a remedy, you should not repeat the remedy until the symptoms that have gotten better have relapsed for four to five days. I allow this initial reaction period to unfold without any interference.