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Haxe is a general-purpose language supporting object-oriented Unusual among programming languages, Haxe contains a type. Haxe is a feature-rich, high-level, Turing-complete programming language. It’s very generic, somewhat Java-like, but it also feels somewhat. While the modern programming language Haxe is well-known in some circles, many developers have never heard of it. Yet since it first appeared in

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Language Features describes some of the Haxe features in detail such as pattern matchingstring interpolation and dead code elimination. Haxe is an open source technology, free to use and modify.

The Cross-platform Toolkit

It does seem like Haxe might have value in this regard if you liked it more than TypeScript, though. These frameworks use the IDL document to generate equivalent beans in multiple languages. The Haxe Foundation offers several support tiers to help with your organization’s technical challenges. So the tech is really promising indeed. The core functionalities of syntax highlightingcode completionrefactoringdebuggingetc.

Contribute to this page. Haxe is a cross-platform toolkit for developing applications, games, multimedia and server side code natively. Strategic Partners Haxe Foundation Supporters. GraphQL is a query language designed at Facebook with querying across the Internet in mind.


Introduction About this Document. More info on this bench here: Explore our support plans. For example, you are not, in many cases, required to specify the type lahguage a variable if the type can be inferred by the compiler.

Language Introduction – Haxe – The Cross-platform Toolkit

It’s an intriguing idea. Anonymous types are defined by denoting their structure explicitly, using a syntax that follows the mathematical record-based representation of a type.

The discussion of types is continued in Type Systemwhere features like unificationtype parameters and type inference are explained.

Introduction to the Haxe Language The Haxe programming language is a very modern, high-level programming language. Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern high level strictly typed programming language, a state-of-the-art light-speed cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library, and ways to access to each platform’s native capabilities.

Haxe originated with the idea of supporting client-side and server-side programming in one language, languave simplifying the communication logic between them. For us, it’s just a question of keeping the JSON consistent. See the Haxe Language Features Introduction for a tour of some major language features. Me, I’m going with hax. What I like about it is that it give you lanfuage extra safety of a statically typed language, but it also tries progrzmming be as flexible and non-intrusive to your programming as possible.


You can get OCaml to compile to most things; it compiles to high-quality JS just fine, for example via Bucklescript.

Not all late-bound languages allow this. Haxe is a feature-rich, high-level, Turing-complete programming language. That could be why Haxe is lagnuage used for games.

Haxe — The Coolest Language You’ve Never Heard Of

The ultimate cross-platform language 0. If you need to use another language, you should probably just learn the language itself anyway. Archived from the original on The Haxe Compiler is responsible for translating the Haxe programming language to the target platform native source code or binary.

Haxe supports the accessors public and privateand more advanced methods for access control ACL, link that are denoted langugae annotations. Definitely appealing for version 2. If you’re used to Java and Python, you’ll barely notice that it’s not whatever language you’re used to. On the negative side it currently lacks in tooling and amount of quality libs, like many non-mainstream languages, I hope that will improve.

Bottom Proyramming I programmig not be more tickled so far.