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HandyTone has one FXS port and one FXO port. The PHONE port next to the LAN port is a FXS port. The LINE port on the side of the HandyTone is a. Grandstream HandyTone is a multi-port, all-in-one Analog telephone adapter. It has one RJ11 FXS port(Telephone device), one RJ11 FXO port(Phone line). VoIp Grandstream HandyTone Built upon innovative technology, Grandstream HandyTone Analog Telphone Adapters (ATA) features market leading.

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Following is a snap shot of the advanced configuration page. Warranty Grandstream has a reseller agreement with our reseller customer. Enter 9 to confirm the reset, or enter the MAC address to hanytone factory settings. On the first screenshot of ” Basic Settings look belowyou can change the End user password account: If you are in static IP mode you can hnadytone the address. For example IP address: So we have to press: Allow the user to set a specific MAC address.

Find the MAC address of the device. Product ModelThis field contains the product model info. The steps are as follows: Page 19 System Up Time: Find the MAC Address of the device. In order to prevent automatic posting on our website, we kindly request you to type in the number you see in the picture below.


This field is case sensitive. For more information regarding configuration file format, please refer to the related Grandstream documentation.

Tell us what’s missing. TFTP checking is only performed during the initial power up.

Daylight SavingsTimeThis parameter controls whether the displayed time will be daylightsavings time or not. Access the Web Configuration Menu In thiscase, the default destination port is used if no port is specified. Tell us about it. The following photo illustrates the appearance of handytine HandyTone Please disconnect network cable and power cycle the unit before trying to reset the unit to factory defaults.

Sending Fax from Zoiper to Zoiper using T. If the target IP address is I do apartcipee the writing. Page of 31 Go.

Grandstream Networks Grandstream HandyTone HandyTone-488 User Manual

When HandyTone is out of power or loses registration or if the network connection is down, the RJ 11 line jack on the side of HandyTone will function as a pass through jack.

They will take effect on next hajdytone. This is the main software release, its number is alwaysused for firmware upgrade. After a correct password is entered in the login screen, the embedded Web server inside the HandyTone will respond with the Configuration page which is explained in details below.


This is a key feature of HandyTone The device will reboot automatically and restore to factory default settings. Handygone the power adapter into the HandyTone and connect it to a wall outlet.

This is normally not changed. Make Phone Calls handytonne. You will see the log in page of the device. When setting this value, the user should be aware of the requested packet time used in SDP message as a result of configuring this parameter.

Grandstream HandyTone 1fxs 1fxo Analog VoIP Router HT | eBay

Asterisk News Archives older news. Don’t have an account? It is a handytome digits HEX number located on the bottom side of the unit. Early Dial Default is No. The default value for FXS port is If set to yes, the SIP user will be unregistered on reboot.