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Guardianes del día (Дневной дозор en ruso, trans. Dnevnoi dozor) es una novela literaria de fantasía del escritor Sergei Lukianenko y Vladimir Vasilev. Es el segundo libro de la pentalogía Guardianes precedido de Guardianes de la noche y sucedido por Guardianes del crepúsculo, Los últimos guardianes. Official Sites: Author Lukyanenko’s Official “Nochnoy dozor” Forum [Russia] | Fox [Spain] | See more» Also Known As: Guardianes de la noche See more». Guardianes de la noche / Night Watch by Serguei Lukyanenko at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo –

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The story is told from the perspective of Anton, a computer programmer for the Night Watch who is getting his first taste of field work. I found that quite irritating. How much evil can you undo by reforming a bad man? View all 6 comments.

Visions of accidents when he spots Svetlana in the subway have been inserted, and in the beginning, scenes with his wife are shown to be visions the latter were simple “meantime” scenes in the Russian cut.

With as vague a definition as this, it is no wonder that the Light has been inadvertently responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the 20th Century and Anton comes to realize that the Day Watch does just as much to hold back the ambitions of the Light as his cadre stops the Dark. It starts as your typical urban fantasy featuring a magical cop who is one of the ‘good guys’ in the city filled with wizards and vampires and other outwordly stuff Harry Dresden and Peter Grant immediately come to mind.

Still, the novel transcends all of this at the end, and we are left to believe that the love between two individuals might be more important than the battle between good and evil.

By the way, I can vouch for the translator, the book actually reads slightly better in English, and there were only about d mistakes in Great review!

Over centuries, they have negotiated these rules and the terms under which each side may go about its business, and the result is lukyanejko sort of detente while each side hopes to someday gather enough power that they can actually win a final showdown.


So it is perfectly normal for you to be a werewolf or a witch or for that matter an vampire provided you are not hurting anyone. Because nobody owes you anything. Two Watches keep an eye over the city and maintain the Balance: This is the biggest plus point of the book, you just can’t pinpoint that if a guy belongs to Night watch he is just going to do good deeds, but some of the guys from Night watch take such actions that you question their motives.

But Russian society is, frankly, not known for being very accepting.

Guardianes De La Noche/ Guards of the Night

The concepts are deceptively simple. Lists with This Book. Because life does not have to be fair, let’s face it. Sergei’s writing style could be described as minimalist – there is no flowery prose here, it never get’s over descriptive. Some were interesting, some were not, but i definitely liked the characters from the Day watch. At least guardkanes was miles better than Finch. He fights for the ‘Light’ side. Later, he reads his profile, and is shocked by the line “capable of murder”, which brings him lukywnenko, as he still blames himself for Andrei’s death.

Are the ‘Light’ side blind to the evil they do towards humans? Thanks for telling us about the problem. It didn’t feel real. This is no different for Joche Night Watch, the same themes lukywnenko outlook on the world are all there, if you look at even just the premise of Homo Zapiens you begin to understand just how greatly the world view of these authors differs to that of you or I and why dr again, as referenced by Lukyanenko in the third story from the Former Soviet states, Asia and the Lukynaenko East will be the future of the world economy and interesting literature.

The first enter into Twilight defines ones destiny. I do not know. Unless of course I find that by the end of the trilogy Anton is killing the dark lord, at which point I might just nochf deeply and roll my eyes before feeling like I’ve wasted pages of my life.


I did really like the bit towards the end non-spoiler where happiness was likened to flowers. Olga Love your review: However, he does not want to switch allegiances – in fact, as far as he knows no one can – and he cannot act directly against the Nightwatch or he will be sent into the Twilight forever. The art vs the artist had been coming up a lot lately with so many authors implicated in MeToo and I thought you stated your thoughts well.

I chose to read this be In this, the first book of the night watch trilogy we follow Anton.

Night Watch (Watch #1) by Sergei Lukyanenko

No wonder I wake up some mornings feeling like a car wreck! The magic was actually pretty cool when they used it. Basically, Anton is average magician and he’ll never be extremely powerful, but with his charisma, he manages to be in the center of everything important. Set in contemporary Moscow, where shape shifters, vampires, and street-sorcerers linger in the shadows, Night Watch is the first book of the hyper-imaginative fantasy pentalogy from best-selling Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko.

Refresh and try again. Let’s be clear here Honestly, the only person thicker than me-trying-to-read-this-book is bloody Anton.

Yes No Report this. Anyway, he is also a magician, Night Watch and crazy as hell. I liked Olga, i loved her in just every sense. Just got back from seeing it earlier today 3 of us saw it, all of us loved it.

Bradley Great to hear! Anton is having what could be most closely defined as a crisis of faith; he feels that maybe the ends do not justify the means and that the Nightwatch is not acting in the best nocue of humankind after all. There’s an awful lot I love about this novel and I had to put aside a lot of my well-misinformed prejudices about what I think I like most about modern Urban Fantasy.