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ICICI Prudential GSIP is a traditional plan with limited premium pay option and bonus facility; The plan Offers Guaranteed Maturity Benefit. Can you tell me what kind of compounded anuualised returns I can expect from GSIP of ICICI Pru Life? I was made to purchase this policy by. I had taken three plans of “ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan” with a premium of 18k, .. I have also Taken GSIP during Feb,

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This is no insurance. No guarantee on how much maturity addition, just addition a high amount to artificially show returns higher. Minimum Annual Premium Amount. So is their regular addition which they dont tell, and project is as high and constant.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

I am an ICICI adviser and also been a customer I am an engineer by profession, and NOT dependent on selling policies for a living Thridly, Manshu you are wrong to not take into account the fact that any FDs will attract tax on interest every year.

March 3, at Start with some aggressive funds. All other features were the same as earlier. Thanks for making me understand. If you sum up these three amounts — you will get icoci value of Rs.

People will always think positive and expect the high returns at the end of 15th or 20th years. One more benefit is that you are automatically planning for your retirement also as PPF is a long term plan 16 yrs and can be continued in Multiple of 5 yrs thereafter for any period.

They will never give that assurance you in writting. However, this is one benefit you do get — so keep that in mind.


The RA will accrue at the end of each policy year. If I look this as investment scheme only anyways they are not covering you and no ysip charges. It really depends on the product you choose, but there are options that can give you a pension for a lifetime.

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings insurance Plan

They say FD rate can go down. August 16, at 2: What about the last 2 yr premiums. You get higher of the 2 options below. Leave me an email at gautam gmail. Can you not get more than the paid up gsiip You may ask Insurance company bout how to surrender your policy.

ICICI Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan Review – OneMint

The application for revival is made within 2 years from the due date of the first unpaid premium and before the maturity date of policy. December 13, at I would like to draw an analogy of this scheme to the PPF.

Have you checked out these two posts on life insurance? If I missed any point gsp mistake in calculation here please let me know, I will also love to invest in better plans. The information is really very informative and insightful.

The non-guaranteed surrender value will be calculated as the present value of the PUSA, discounted at the GRY at the Review Date immediately preceding the date of surrender gslp 2 percent per annum. You have term policy and you know the benefit, then why are you saving your money in a scheme with high charges year on year. Its pretty straight forward as you had explained in the tutorial.

This will at least save whatever money is due after RA. Select City Gip, Maharashtra. If I pay the premium this year I would complete 7 years.

  ACI 530-02 PDF

If you quit now, you will not even get what you have put. We all thank you for your work, who are potential buyers.

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan

With cash outflows signified with — sign and inflows with just the value. Should I continue this investment? As simple as that. Iam putting per month so it comes to per annum and I have already completed 4 successful years.

I was super frustrated having caught up in this trap. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. My simple logic is comparison with nsc iccici years you double the money and it gets liquid after 6 years. ICICI guys are very aggressive in selling this product. So you invested 75 K till 3 yrs and you get at end of 3 yrs. Read review of this fund at http: It automatically takes care of your retirement planning as it runs for 16 years and therafter you can renew it as many times as you like foa a span of 5 yrs.

I am international CFA Level -1 certified too. The agent told that I can withdraw the money after 7 years keep it till 15 years.

Luckily, as in the present case, I was able to google my way to reviews. This would need careful ixici and a regular savings approach. I also used the RD calculator to see how much I will get if I were to get a recurring deposit for 7 years with Rs.