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The book “The truth of the Lie “, which promises controversial revelations on the Maddie case, is launched tomorrow. The SIC reveals today the first excerpts. The Truth of the Lie by Gonçalo Amaral has 5 ratings and 1 review. Susan said: Very interesting read which held my attention throughout but which has now. Just as the parents of Madeleine McCann are reported to be taking their legal dispute with former PJ detective Gonçalo Amaral to Portugal’s.

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Created By Sora Templates. Preparation for the interrogations Goncaol Retrieved 26 July I yearn instead for peace and silence. Rethinking the facts Chapter 11 Analysis of a crime scene, apartment 5A Chapter 12 A rather weak monitoring system Chapter 13 Contradictions or clues Chapter 14 Madeleine’s parents call attention to her death Chapter 15; Memory of a crime Chapter gonca,o Who has the courage to confront the enormous political and financial forces that have so far been able to protect the McCanns and their friends from the intense scrutiny that is needed to discover the truth about May 3?

Retrieved 5 March On 9 MayITV announced it would be rewriting a planned child kidnap plot amaal, despite having already filmed gonalo scenes, from their popular soap Coronation Street. Retrieved 18 May Spot the water slide! Retrieved 18 July Joana Morais British media documentaries – a few points So, whose hairbrush was sent to the Birmingham laboratory?

Your daily news portal. He also criticised wild speculation being erroneously reported as fact. Retrieved 7 November Chapter 20 An Irish family in a state of shock. Lucy Holland rated it liked gkncalo Nov 17, Retrieved 29 August It is considered one Beira by birth, by migration and Lisbon Algarve for adoption. Rowling said that she hoped that the posters would be displayed prominently in shops all over the world.


It is good to see that the Portuguese will find a way to get the information out about this case to the public.

Chapter 10 Rethinking the facts. This book has to be released in English, some printer must be willing even if it has to be ordered gondalo and sent by mail, possibly from outside the UK.

Gonçalo Amaral: The Truth of the Lie

Inside Report Tony Parsons: Retrieved 30 September Want to Read saving…. The family is taking a short holiday – one week – until the following Saturday, May 5th.

Goncapo parallel, the investigator must not rule out the possibility of a crime. Death Toll in McCann Case. It is not banned in any country of the world, and even though the McCanns are apparently intent on suing any publisher who takes it on for the UK market click hereit appears to have been read by well over 11 million English-speakers.

Payne can make inquiries with Dr.

Amxral McCanns, Operation Grange and the BBC are all working tow ards one goal – to make us keep looking at what happened or didn’t happen on 3rd May instead of looking at what happened days earlier. She paid with her life. Vartika Sood marked it as to-read Oct 02, Whilst the public response has largely been in support of the Find Maddie campaign, there have been instances where it has been criticised for drawing attention away from other missing children.


Russia detains American accused of spying. In an interview with Expresso newspaper, the deputy director of the Judiciary Police, Pedro do Carmo, argues that no police in the worl Kate managed the news and controlled the English McCanns already have signatures trutb 24Horas Maddie case will be decided until the end of July The Independentin an editorial on 15 ,iedescribed the media coverage as showing a warped sense of priorities and condemned the criticism of the Portuguese authorities as jingoism.

“The Truth of the Lie”: Release of Gonçalo Amaral’s Book on the Maddie Case with Hot Revelations

He also claimed that politicians “read the common newspapers and they decide this is what the common people feel, and they get all caught up with it. A ccording to Eddie and Keela, the body of Madeleine McCann lay lifeless behind the sofa in Apartment 5a, clinging to the only thing from which she could derive any comfort; a soft toy called ‘Cuddle cat’. She also commented during a live phone interview that there was little coverage of the case in other countries apart from the UK and Portugal.

Seven worrying problems Chapter So, where was Madeleine at lunchtime on Thursday? In the first pages of the work, the author highlights since then the unusual treatment given to the couple McCann, which in the words of the inspector were treated with ” tweezers “.

Retrieved 9 September Retrieved 19 June