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This is Ghazwa-e-Ahzab OR Ghazwa-e-Khandaq – History Urdu Android version, this is very helpful book for all Muslims. Features of this app. The Battle of the Trench (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, translit.: Ghazwah al-Khandaq) also known as the Battle of the Confederates (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب, translit.: Ghazwah. This war is named as al-Khandaq (trench) because Muslims dug a trench. This war is also well-known as al-Ahzab (confederates) since.

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Mosque of Fatima al-Zahra a is one of the seven mosques. Formation of the forces in the Battle of Khandaq Battle of the Trench. They promised that they would give them help and support, and Quraysh agreed to that.

Battle of Khandaq

The women and children were in the strongholds of Al-Madinah. The Muslims found themselves in greater difficulties by day. Abu Sufyan accepted their plan with open arms, thus Jews and Quraysh got unified.

Remember Allah’s blessing upon you when the hosts came at you, and We sent against them a gale and hosts whom you did not see. The men from Banu Khuza’a reached Muhammad in four days, warning him of the Confederate armies that were to arrive in a week. He made doors for trench and the responsibility of guarding them lay with a person from each tribe. Some scholars say that this verse was revealed to women to protect them ” when abroad ; that is most convenient, that they should be known [as free, not slaves] and not molested [by the] hypocrites As a consequence, the Muslim army besieged the area of the Banu Qurayza tribeleading to their surrender and enslavement or execution.


The Qurayza, however, demanded hostages as a guarantee that the Confederacy would not desert them. This was on the advice of Salman Al-Farisi, may Allah be pleased with him. When the danger of Banu Qurayza’s night attack to the center of Medina intensified, the Prophet s made two groups of the companions responsible for guarding Muslim’s houses. Some sources believe it was Shawwaland some others refer to Dhu l-Qa’da.

Don’t you see that the summoner never stops and those who are taken away do not return? The Bani Amirwho had a pact with Muhammad, refused to join. Other mosques by the names of Masjid al-Fath also known as Masjid al-Ahzab or Masjid al-A’la were built on Mount Sal’ around seven hundred meters away al-Masjid al-Nabawi, where the Prophet’s s tent had been put up, a place in which he said prayers, monitored everything, and received God’s blessing promise of victory over the polytheists.

The digging of the ditch coincided with a near-famine in Medina. Verses detail who the prophet can marry or not. News of the Qurayzah’s supposed renunciation of the pact with Muhammad leaked out, and Umar promptly informed Muhammad. The prophet’s wives are called the Mothers of the Believers and thus have to follow certain rules and regulations as women who are “unlike other women.

Retrieved from ” https: The Hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease even say: As part of his share of the spoils, Muhammad selected one of the women, Rayhanafor himself and took her as part of his booty. Following the retreat of the Confederate army, the Banu Qurayza neighbourhoods were besieged by the Muslims, in revenge. Ibn Ishaq describes the killing of the Banu Qurayza men as follows:. Arabic text English translation. List English translations ghazws Ahmadis.

This page was last edited on 28 Augustat The lack of sleep made matters worse. The Prophet s himself contributed to the work. The Prophet s allowed him and said, “war is deceit”. Ali a proceeded and told ‘Amr either to become Muslim or to call off the combat. For days the weather gnazwa been exceptionally cold and wet. Both genders are presented as equal since they are both punished or redeemed without any differences when judged by God.


Among them was the enemy of Allah Huyayy b. God will question [even] the truthful about their sincerity, and for those who reject the truth He has prepared a painful torment The Prophet s put his ‘imama turban on ‘Ali’s a head, gave his sword to him and sent him to the battle.

Battle of the Trench – Wikipedia

Muhammad sent three leading Ghazqa to bring him details of the recent developments. This war is named as al-Khandaq trench because Muslims dug a trench.

To take up arms against the unbelievers, Muslims dug a trench around Medinaan idea from Salman al-Farsi. The event is also mentioned in the Sahih Muslim Hadith collection as follows:. Account Options Sign in. Then they surrendered, and the Apostle confined them in Medina in the quarter of d. They persuaded them to take part in the war by promising to provide them with one-year date product of Kaybar area.

The Confederates tried to attack with horsemen in hopes of forcing a passage, but the Medinans were rigidly entrenched, preventing such a crossing.