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Results 1 – 50 gg. RSS: Involved Subbers gg. expand all. +. Ep · Title · Subber · File Size. Quality. Video · Audio. All too frequently, I’ll see a fansub with: * One Join us on Discord! -anime . Even when the video is H with soft subs, why wouldn’t it make . That’s how they’re handled with the His and Her Circumstances DVDs, and also some Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror and Mononoke subs I. First episode by gg-fansubs: %5BC52A64B9%5D. torrent Worth to notice that the first episode was aired Friday.

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I liked many parts of B for example, but the fantasy sideplot dragged everything down.

And yeah, Ash is a bit to New Years and end of season reviews have me stretched a bit thin, but the Throwback Thursday train never stops. I think most srsbsns fansubbers will download and watch a gg release ayzkashi it is often the only or the best sub available e. Hello everyone, to another exceedingly late post on Planetes. Amagi Really like the characters too. Kaiser-Eoghan Both the drug and conspiracy plots seemed to exist without capitalizing on exploring them further.

Welcome one and all to the final episode of Honda-San!

Still fun to watch. Animosh As for the episode itself, it was good as an individual episode, but not so much as a season finale.

I notice them popping up in the comments section all the time.

mihimaru GT -…

Sometimes this led to bizarre things, like the group having five different staff channels spread out over three different IRC networks, with mostly different sets of people in them, because of: Tuesday, August 17, at Fan-translation like Asenshi is much more accurate in terms of translating the anime. It’s tricky to do and they didn’t know which kind would people like more, so they did both.


It’s precisely because the people working on it didn’t know what really should be the way forward that they did two. You could almost say gg did meta-fansubbing.

Now we have a fun wild card for the future, and the Monk and his sword bride form a pretty good couple. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

A story about a fansub group < WALLS OF TL;DR

Tuesday, December 28, at Saturday, December 11, at Lenlo Sadly no Yaoi doujin endings. So here’s to hoping it sells well, because Yuu and Nanami really do deserve a proper ending. SuperMario I don’t even know if they have enough fuel to feed after this Play arc, so why don’t they just, like, finish the play?

So to start off, I want to apologize for the lateness and doubling up of this post. Criticism of fansubber flock-of-sheep mentality. I hope it will make directors understand that the audience isn’t as stupid as they believe them to be and that they actually try more stories that show and hint instead of blatantly tell most anime even repeat the same relevant information more than once.

It was a meta-comedy, where the greatest fun came by watching the reactions of people on the internet; hence, simulwatching it on Sunday mornings was absolutely hilarious for multiple reasons. Satsuriku no tenshi 9. Kaiser-Eoghan I think the made in abyss manga is getting back on form.


Looking forward to that one upcoming series of the director of Dennou Coil. ShionItachiSaoArc-V nice site keep me updated on newer episode or season remakes of sword art online series.? SuperMario Isn’t that good enough, you damn perfectionist?

The Rostrum

Record of the Mongol Invasion What it claims to be about: We just don’t know enough about her to really feel for her. Kaiser-Eoghan Note I have included a carry over.

Also, gg has always been about elitism; the entire game was about being faster, smarter and more unscrupulous than everyone else. Seems not a lot of people are watching this series. Yes, reading just according to keikaku is annoying. Anonymous Were there any big plot points left out?

~Ayakashi~ Japanese Classic Horror

At this time, H. You and I might think it sucks now, but it was a hundred times worse in Today, I get to add another to that list in the form of Banana Fish.

Animosh Overall this season wasn’t as good as the first one, but maybe in the long run this season will be seen as some kind of transition season that mainly served to introduce some new major characters.

Excessive uploads will result in an account ban. There may even be some kind of epilogue or fanshbs, with an awakened Yuuta.