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Jesus Christ is coming again That is the Blessed Hope which has since the earliest days of the church energized biblical Christians looking for the full revelation. According to Dr. Ladd himself, “The central thesis of this book is that the Blessed Hope is the second coming of Jesus Christ and not a. Through its many printings, this book by George Eldon Ladd has proved to be a Ladd s conclusion is that the blessed hope is the second coming of Jesus.

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He has marshaled with unusual force the traditional arguments for the posttribulational theory. At their sharpest, these disputes can lead to the breakdown of fellowship among those who should be standing firmly together against unbelief.

At their sharpest, these disputes can lead to the Jesus Christ is coming again That is the Blessed Hope which has since the earliest days of the church energized biblical Christians looking for the full revelation of God?

Dec 09, John rated it really liked it Shelves: Tregelles as contending sharply against the pretribulational followers of Darby. Aug 14, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: Ladd was a notable, modern proponent of Historic Premillennialism, and often criticized dispensationalist views. It is not too much to say that this is one of the best studies in support of posttribulationism which has appeared in book form for some time and will probably strengthen the cause of posttribulationism in contemporary conservative theology.

Disclosure Statement I’m not paid to review books. Ladd sees the church in Revelation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clear, Biblical and historical exposition on several topics surrounding the rapture, tribulation, and end times. Once again the logical fallacy of making a general word a technical and specific word is used.

Most damaging to the effectiveness of this chapter is the fact that he passes over the tremendously important pretribulational argument for the necessity of an interval with almost no discussion.


ChristFocus Book Club: The Blessed Hope by George Eldon Ladd

It would follow also that Philip Mauro, whom he cites as giving up pretribulationism, was also right when he abandoned premillennialism entirely bleased became its outspoken critic.

His conclusion, however, is valid only if it is true that the word coming could not refer to two future comings. He also considers the argument concerning the removal of the Holy Spirit based on 2 Thessalonians 2 and the necessity of an interval between the rapture and the second coming. But he does set out to destroy the idea that pretribulationism is the only faithful position.

Ladd begins the Biblical study with consideration of the vocabulary of the blessed hope, namely, the three Greek words, coming or presence parousiaappearing epiphaneiaand revelation apokalpsis. Account Options Sign in. The view is advanced that the promises given to Israel in the Old Testament have a dual fulfillment, i. In a poll conducted by Mark Noll inthis work ranked as the second most influential book among evangelical scholars, second only to Calvin ‘s Institutes.

Pretribulationism in its modern form is traced to a series of meetings beginning in from which the Brethren movement developed. The usual posttribulational argument is that all these words must refer to a specific event at the end of the tribulation.

George Eldon Ladd

Some also hold that appearing epiphaneia refers specifically to the rapture. In some cases the context has to do with thr return after the tribulation, and obviously refers then to people living at that time. Henry Harold Lindsell Wilbur M. At the return to the earth, the wedding feast will be held. Christian Living Grief and Suffering. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

He shows repeatedly a misunderstanding ggeorge dispensational teachings. The lengthy consideration of the historical background of pretribulationism is summarized by the author as proving three things: Some posttribulationists will probably be critical of this chapter inasmuch as the author passes by a number of the standard arguments for posttribulationism based on Scriptural terminology such as are mentioned uope Alexander Reese and others cf.


It should be obvious that a difficult matter like pretribulationism would not be settled in such a context. A conservative evangelical scholar refutes the popular eschatology of a quiet blessedd of Christ.

The argument assumes that these three words must refer to one event only, namely, the second coming after the tribulation. Most of the Bible schools which have trained a host of young people in the Word of God have been devoted to this pattern of prophetic teaching, and the prophetic conference movement along with many summer Bible conferences has propagated this view.

Just read the first chapter: American History Regional History.

He seems unaware here of the very common pretribulational explanation of this passage, namely, that the Old Testament saints are raised at this time and that only the church, the saints of the present age, are raised at the rapture. The dispensational interpretation of Scripture is rather the outgrowth of literal interpretation inasmuch as there are differing rules of life in different periods of the progressive revelation of God.

In the discussion which follows, a comprehensive refutation of arguments commonly used by pretribulationism is attempted. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Having presented the point that the rapture before the tribulation is purely inferential, Dr.

Literature Theology Apocrypha and Pseu Best book I’ve found outlining historic premillennialism’s view of the post-tribulational rapture of the church. Ina Festschrift was published in his honour. As applied to the church, Romans 7: He himself admits plainly that the historical argument is by no means final, but that the real question is what the Bible teaches.

Ladd, however, misunderstands the pretribulational argument based upon the Day of the Lord and the Day of Christ.