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Guide of Genex Probe forLTE Drive Test Huawei confidential, LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V3 5 Tutorial. Probe The Genex Probe and Genex Assistant for drive tests are part of the Genex series. . LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V Tutorial. Uploaded by. Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe. 1. Consulting| Training| Research LTE DT Theory, Tools and Preparation • Its Time to Work smart not.

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The LOG data that conforms tutkrial certain constrains can be combined together. To set the GPS in the Probe, perform the following steps: Through either of the following ways, you can trigger the window co-activation: Scanner measurement z Anritsu Scanner z DTI Scanner In addition to the outdoor measurement, the Probe also supports walking measurement and vertical measurement.

Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

Move the mouse to a place proobe get the scrambling code of the current point. The system gives a prompt, saying “Please install the Office plug-in.

Figure Speed Control drop-down list Tjtorial. You can save a test plan for later use, which ensures the consistency and objectiveness of different tests. The messages selected on the left navigation tree are displayed. Qualcomm to choose the port. Please feel free to contact our local office or company headquarters.

If the CW test is conducted, the other test items should be disabled. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. The stable and reliable data records, automatic Locating network faults more reconnection with the devices, controllable log easily playback, and the co-activated information display make the network problem searching much easier.


Indicates the number of files to be downloaded. Reason When data exceptions occur, you need to check the parameters in the window. In the Format area 2 Choose the time and date for export in the Date and Time drop-down list.

By default, the test control mode is Test by Count. By default, the Probe adopts the time sampling for the following two vital parameters: Multi-frequency Scanning Simultaneous scanning of multi-frequency Simultaneous observation of different frequencies.

To add a map layer, perform the following steps: The data of the same type is distinguished from each other with different colors. CH Code The CH code refers to the channel code, which includes primary scrambling code, secondary scrambling code, and channel code, probr shown in Figure Indicates the time between two HTTP tests. Table lists the options on the shortcut menu of the chart. Figure Adding Layer dialog box 2 Set the parameters such as gwnex, layer type, and visibility in the Add Layer dialog box.

Table describes the data items in the unspecified base station measurement. System Status Bar The system status bar contains four parts, as shown in Figure Solution To solve this problem, perform the following steps: You can enter the time and press the blank key to set the broadcast time. The CW test is describes from the following perspectives: Indoor Measurement Toolbar The indoor measurement toolbar is used for routine operations on the indoor measurement map, as shown in Figure To identify the devices, you can choose one or several configured devices and click.


Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe – PDF Free Download

You can perceive the change of the connection status in real time. Yenex system returns the test result automatically and updates the port status in the Device Config dialog box. The device is highlighted after being selected.

File Menu The File menu enables operations on the project, as shown in Figure Enable the transmission delay measurement. From the Navigator Click the start test icon on the navigator. You do not have to set the uplink and downlink guranteed rates for the background class and interactive class. The system locates the event automatically and displays it in the chart. The system gives a prompt, indicating it is a hardware installation tutotial. The MAP Mark cannot be modified during the real-time test or log file playback.

Alternatively, double-click Map in the View tab. Test plan will be stopped automatically once all items are executed. Alternatively, right-click the device to be tutoorial and choose Delete on the shortcut menu.

To pause a playback.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

Measures the vertically-distributed signals in the elevators. Huawei recommends that a period should be spared usually five minutes after the GPS configuration and before the test. All the system and individual settings are automatically imported into the project file.