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O · Continental E & E · Continental GO · Continental O . & O Accessory Case Nut & Washer Set. $ Add to cart Details . () |[email protected] · Contact Us.

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Fresno Airparts Company

But you can start another log book for the engine. The district includes the aiparts contributing properties: I use their ad in Trade-A-Plane as a reference.

The resulting AD listed all of the people or companies that bought the bad gears — Vivian Starr was on the list gears for the C in our Cessna Since max cruise is 90 mph, I keep the RPMs at The Continental Overhaul Manual has a list as to what must be done to call what you are doing an overhaul.

I’ve seen push rods sold by them also and they obviously are poorly made bogus parts.

At this time it is unknown who designed any of the Art Deco work. Works Progress Adminstration Project and are contributors to the district. Must be very proud of yourself.

Home – Fresno Airparts Co.

My “free” C had toasted crank, cam, cylinders and carb. Some years back they supplied soft Continental gears and foisted them off as new old stock real Continental. Darrel, that doesn’t sound like Fresno Airparts. Other than these changes the buildings have extraordinarily high integrity to the second period of significance, Everyone who has flown the Cub with this engine has had a WOW experience!


I used Hrs as it was a nice round number. Maybe it was possibly them? Tony, They are still going strong supplying small Continental engine parts at reasonable prices. Are there other suppliers, similar to Fresno Airparts, who stock common A65 bits such as valves, rings and pistons etc?

He is a real gentleman and will take the time to make you smart. The modified C gets 4. Were hard to get a hold of, but were quick to send parts when I paid. Vivian’s name even ended up on the AD as a buyer. Zirparts his administration several major public works projects were accomplished, including the airport, the Memorial Auditoriumthe new Fresno City Hall and the Belmont Subway. I’m sorry you had bad luck with them. It is up to you what time s you feesno.

Fresno Air Parts Co

As far as I can see you’ve replaced more than half of the details. In the Chandlers moved airparta their property into a residence at N. Vincenz also is famous world-wide for developing the concept of the sanitary landfill, and the Fresno Sanitary Landfill is a National Historic Landmark.


I need to replace my Lycoming O and found an old AF on ebay.

They will ship COD and accept payment by check. The field was dedicated in early November in front of a crowd of 10, It was missing the mags.

Fresno Airparts Company Company Information

I’ve been in this position myself this year and ended up going with a used half-time all the log books engine as my best way out. Apparently the Chandlers had owned the land for some time, as the county atlas shows that the “Chandler Tract” was subdivided into forty-eight parcels. There was another company out there in California that used to advertise all the time in TAP, but can’t remember their name.

For one of the buildings, they even did it with a committee to spread the work as far as possible. Thus in State Senator Wilber F.

The style itself was given a kickstart by the Great Depression, as manufacturers turned to a new breed of industrial designers to help stimulate sales.