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FISH! Philosophy, teamwork, enthusiasm and positive attitudes The FISH! Philosophy is a proven way to find joy and energy in our work. FISH! is a fantastic and easy to read book to illustrate how attitude and fun can lead to exceptional customer service. “The Fish Philosophy ” (Applications for work & life) by Ramki . About the Author Stephen C. Lundin, also referred to as the “Big Tuna Ph.D.

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He asked the fishmongers if he could film them and they agreed.

Back then, I was a young and idealistic year-old, so I pretty much assumed that a corporate culture could be changed by smiling and being nice to the customers. It’s one of those optimistic Pollyanna kind of theories, unfortunately. Rochester Ford Toyota in Rochester, MN, known for tough negotiating, shifted to a fixed price and an emphasis on making the customer’s day. Oct 21, Jeffrey Jose rated it liked it. Rish Fish Philosophy is presented as being so flawless and so delightful that no stephhen could possibly object to it.

I’ve been involved in a workplace that had the video and didn’t really integrate it very well.

The well of positive energy is poisoned from above, not below. Crafted into a fictional story by people who were not directly involved in creating that World Famous fish market, the authors still had some helpful principles to share: Christensen noticed the actual work of selling fish was repetitive, cold and exhausting. Mary got so inspired by one of the fishmongers that she decided to marry him. Choose a positive attitude at workplace 2.

Fish! Philosophy

To grasp just how presumptuous Fish! I’m on board for giving what energy you’re capable of phillosophy, being as positive as you’re capable of being, and being as present-minded as your brain will allow. Most people will read this book, and be very excited about what they have read, wanting to run right back to work and start implementing the FISH philosophy.


From Wikipedia, the free philosiphy. Yes, I want my clients to be happy and I want them to be satisfied with my service, but at what cost?

John Christensen created the Fish Philosophy in That operation is functioning so badly that it has earned the name: Honestly, I am not sure if they add value to the business including th Our company is using Fish!

I have been working for the past 27 years and all my previous three or four employers did not allow any of these: Refresh and try again.

Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results by Stephen C. Lundin

Want to Read saving…. In our jobs and in our lives. I’ve been dipping into some management books with the new job and since this one has been on my shelf forever and it’s short I gave it a read.

This has a few ideas that I’ll definitely implement at work. Mary Jane is a widow with two young children. Following the sudden death of her husband, Mary Jane had to take a position on the dreaded 3 rd floor of First Guarantee Financial because of the luundin raise and benefits it would provide her, as she was now a single parent.

Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

In order for stsphen to be more productive, they need not experience work as a hum-drum experience. Ler mais no Das Letras I tried applying it to my workplace and as far as I can see everyone thinks that theoretically this is great but I know it is a lindin of perspective certainly, but I think a one star rating is missing the point of this book Choose the attitude you go to work with each day, be playful, make the client’s day by including them in your playfulness in a respectful mannerand be fully present for your co-workers and clients.


It was the classic corporate mumbo jumbo. In a way it’s sort of abrasive to have them throwing this book lundij underlings and saying, “Here, get a good attitude!

Based on a bestselling corporate education video, Fish!

Those are, even how ironic they seem, to encourage them to be more productive. John Christensen created this philosophy in to improve ” organizational culture “. As someone who works directly with the clients, I always try to make their day.

Book Summary – FISH! by Stephen Lundin

The four main things Mary learnt from those fishmongers were: Motivation Office administration Business fables. Good ideology, horribly written.

The example is set from a much higher point than the middle management this is aimed at. I would much preferred to have read skymall magazine on the plane or chatted with the stranger sitting next to me No trivia or quizzes yet. I spend time talking to them and asking questions. This asymmetrical power relationship is implicit in Fish!

Hardcoverpages. People from all walks of life. A coworker cleaning out his desk handed me this slim hardback volume along with “Leadership and the One Minute Manager,” both of which he received at some sort of managerial seminar.

She recently got promoted to manage a department in the company she works for which is known as a toxic energy dump.