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All rights reserved. all of which has contributed to making FIRESTORM ARMADA This PDF is for personal use y Writer: Christopher Worth. Firestorm Armada (v). Well, the last few weeks have been interesting for me to say the least. I spent most of this weekend fighting what I call. : Firestorm Armada 2nd Edition Core Rulebook v SGSFARB04 by Spartan Games: Toys & Games.

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Take the Ffirestorm Cruiser from the Taskforce Reinforcement boxes – you have a top and a bottom, plus another add-on for the Carrier version. It does pay for this rather single-purposed mentality somewhat – it can be vulnerable to short-ranged torpedo weapons, and should it’s cloak be damaged its hull is not meant for front-line combat confrontations with similarly-sized vessels.

With a fast, hard-hitting battleship, what other class could a multi-part model make that would fit with Sorylian lore, and fill a role in their fleets? It retains the ability to use its Kinetic and Torpedo weapons even with this profile, so it is not a passive approach, meaning that when it arrives in optimum firing position it is likely to be doing so at full or close to full HP, making it a very potent early-game ship the enemy cannot afford to ignore, especially if also accompanied by Flechettes to further enhance its firepower.

Geek Ken Firestorm Armada V2 – DocDroid

Accompanied by a Katar Assault cruiser, the boarding potential of the Serapis becomes overwhelming – something the Sorylians have found necessary when combatting their martial galactic neighbours, the Relthoza.

I’ve never really had too much of a problem with the Brood Battleship, it’s a solid ship. Newer Post Older Post Home. The Cuirass bears many similarities to the Falx and Swordbreaker that preceded it, but with several enhancements and design shifts.

** % SALE % ** Firestorm Armada v2.0 Rulebook (Softcover) (EN)

Well one area the Sorylians do lack is in the area of mines – they simply do not use them. It also reduces the range of any installed battle shunt drive generator – the power requirements for more would simply be impractical to accommodate without a major hull redesign and expansion.

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Now Relthoza mediums are also an interesting design space, and there is plenty of scope here. Another more unique innovation on this second generation battleship is the ability to deploy Seeker-Class Drones. The Sorylians, like the Relthoza, are excellent martial opponents, so the need for more means of delivering more warriors into the field is highly desirable, hence the development of the Atrax:.

More inhabitable worlds to colonize. Now making a multi-piece model representing two ships here is easy, since all you need for an Assault Carrier is a bit more armour and some more weapons – the launch bays and general configuration can be much the same.

The Relthoza Incursions into Sorylian territory have time and again been repulsed by the sphere defences the Sorylians have entrenched around their territory.

What I’d have loved to see from Spartan here would be an add-ons pack of Pathogen fireetorm for the included ships, to replace some of the ships parts. Although the recent conflict in the Storm Zone has drained Sorylian forces and allowed the Relthoza to make gains, these are relatively minor and have not allowed for the large frestorm footholds the Twenty had hoped for.

Once again, a single-purpose ship in this class is something Sorylian Engineers would wish to avoid, just minesweeping is not going to satisfy most Sorylian Commander’s thirst for combat. So, here they are:. To further this point, the ship has an extensive number of defensive enhancements, notably a reinforced, strengthened fore, and shrouded scatter weapons – making the ship extremely tough on the approach into battle.

Most Spartan 2-player sets come with extras, like the Valhalla station and the Overseers gate and probe.

Jay’s Wargaming Madness: Firestorm Armada (v)

This has been done elsewhere like Deadzone – you include a set of cards that allow you to play against an AI-Pathogen fleet. Well, first off, another Battleship would be a good start. It has, however, an advanced shunt matrix to allow itself to reposition whilst cloaked, meaning the armqda can never predict where the ship will suddenly appear, it’s alien weaponry tearing ships apart from inside before fading away into blackness.


This results in a slightly more delicate zrmada structure, simply because of the fine balance required for the new technology. The Serapis also retains some of armava innovation and options that the Cuirass introduces, such as a reinforced fore and sector shielding:.

Should it be engaged, it has a moderate short-ranged broadside array to defend itself, and can either be rigged with non-detection systems or an advanced Shunt matrix to help it get out of trouble quickly should it be flanked.

The Relthoza spiders were my first entry point into the FSA universe, so I’m used to them and I’ve never had a problem with how they play in terms of seeing them as “difficult”. Next we have the Cryptos Fkrestorm, one of the most daring and advanced ships Relthozan technology has produced to date. This would both extend flexibility and appeal to players, and give people a reason to either buy multiple boxed sets, or to buy the boxed set and still buy the separate models on individual release.

As the Tier 3 would be a resin rework of an existing ship, no need to talk about that here, so let’s move on.

Geek Ken Firestorm Armada V2 QRS.pdf

It needs to be a tough ship too, furestorm it’s assigned duty is minesweeping, using the new Minsweeper MAR:.

With AP, movement and Assault Blitz upgrades, the Cuirass becomes a very credible boarding threat in addition to its native direct AD potential, especially paired with a Katar Assault Cruiser. It also maintains a standard broadside weaponry to protect itself from flanking attacks should its cloak or shunt matrix be damaged, though most Cryptos crews pray that these are never to be used, as it is not a ship designed for an honest, even fight.

So let’s have a look at some rationale:. This type of assault often disrupts the carefully made plans of their opponents, allowing the Sorylians flrestorm fleet elements to mop up the scattered remnants.