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Learn & play tab for rhythm guitar with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Download Feste Lariane guitar pro tab Instruments: rhythm guitar. Feste Lariane by Luigi Mozzani (). Mozzani guitarist Louis was a great performer, teacher, composer and instrument maker. He was. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Feste lariane, air with variations on AllMusic.

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As a matter of fact, I bought a larianr of it in their shop in Buenos Aires, last year. By extension, Peru took on for a time in the popular imagination an exotic aura. This is an updated version of my article with the same title published in Gendai GuitarNo.

Feste lariane, air with variations for guitar

With the worsening of economic conditions in the States at the onset of the Spanish-American War in Mozzani decided to return to Italy. Here is the first page:.

During the nineteenth gutiar it was not common for a publisher to issue works of a composer who resides in a different continent, unless the composer was a personality with universal reputation. Sophocles Papas, it appears, repeated the operation once again, publishing it some 60 years later, without a clear reference to the origin of the piece.

Lariqne is a question which would need further research to be answered properly. On the other hand, if Vahdah was right, Romero would have lifted the manuscript and taken it with him to Boston.

La Sevillana for 2 mandolins and guitar, with a copyright date of The catalogue of that organization, published in in Der Guitarrefreund, does not contain Feste Lariane in the list of publications received from Mozzani.


According to Romolo Ferrari, Luigi Mozzani went to America at the inducement of a dishonest concert promoter who hired him as an oboe player, but soon left him to fend for himself.

The tune even made its way into the s hit-parade in the Soviet Union where it became a hit song popularized with the lyrics U Samovara, Ia i Moia Masha by Leonid Utiosov. What I did not know then, is that Papas had published the very same piece, with the title Peruvian Air, arranged by festd.

Basically, I learnt to do in my work what is now a popular political slogan: When the wild applause died down, grant me license in a bit of exaggeration! There are legends circulating in Spanish guitar circles that he wrote the piece as a self-obituary, since he knew then that he will die soon. This catalogue is printed on the back cover of several guitar works published by this California publishing house and bear copyright dates of through This someone else could have been a Spanish born guitarist named Luis T.

I read in that book some unsubstantiated statements by Otero, some vague allusions by Segovia in his letters to Ponce, but Ponce himself does not say clearly: Obviously, Duncan knew about the piece some details of which I was ignorant. His source was an early twentieth century German publication, edited by Erwin Schwartz-Reiflingen where the piece was attributed to Sancho. It is imperative to clarify its nebulous areas NOW, while there is still time, and while we still have access to many documents and to the memory of many living people.

It is a commonly known old Ukrainian folk song. The main argument in my article was that Mozzani plagiarized a piece published in by Luis T.

Feste Lariane sheet music for Guitar download free in PDF or MIDI

The tune is neither Spanish nor written or authored by a Spaniard. In conclusion, let me say that if we hope to elevate the guitar and its culture to the level of credibility enjoyed by other instruments, we need to stop our Sacred Cows in their tracks, and to debunk mythologies perpetrated by earlier guitarists in the course of their own self-serving promotional hype. For the time being this small example serves to demonstrate one simple point: When a tune has not survived the ravages of time, quite often the arrangement is taken by scholars to be the original composition.


The problem we are dealing with in the present article is different in nature. Guitar history deals with everything that happened before yesterday. Ferrari states that Mozzani stayed in America for a little over two years, which means that he came there sometime in One does not wish to fish in the back-waters of guitar history for the sole purpose of stirring mud.

Otero, does in fact throw a bit more light on the subject, but I am afraid it still does not clarify the matter with absolute certainty. By the s, a reaction set in as the harmful effects of the drug became more widely perceived, and by the ls it was off the market. Luigi Mozzani, lqriane is also well known through the country.

Several years later, I chanced upon a copy of the Carcassi method, an American edition published in Gyitar by Oliver Ditson and edited by one G. Santisteban, the celebrated guitarist of Alameda, Cal.