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Everspring SM Door and Window Sensor – EU: : Electronics. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Everspring SM Door and Window Sensor (Silver) – EU at Amazon UK. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop EVERSPRING SM Window Sensor, Z-Wave.

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Sensor working about two hours.

Share this post Link to post Share on other evfrspring. I didn’t know about these Yagi’s but will keep it in mind as I am still contemplating putting a sensor in my mailbox and that antenna may be the difference between it working or not working. Home automation is about automating what we normally do. If a post of mine seems a little off kilter, it’s probably because he made it.

Everspring SM review – HomeSeer Message Board

Gets me wondering what happens when you add a wire to the antenna and move the antenna closer? Cool Blue HomeSeer Default. Posted May 17, Sensor mounted on the door and tumper pushed. Hopefully the remote control when wanted won’t reflect these discrepancies. Have a look here.


I have joined it to my system and have been testing it and it seems to go to sleep and not wake after about 2 days. My forum account was apparently hacked by a leprechaun. Search forum for discussions about custom icons.

Everspring Door/window detector HSM02 (seen as SM) – HomeGenie Forum

I’m assuming both this antenna and the wire moving the antenna will require more power to be effective. October 21st, July 20th, Can you help me? Already have an account?

Sensor work approximately 2 hours then going to sleep mode and after HC2 not respond with it. AEON light is slow blinking.


I’m not that worried about Vera’s antenna capability. January 10, Please login or register. RichardTSchaefer on January 05, So impossible to use it. I had the same problem but I removed everything and added the devices in the locations they were to be used and have no problems now. ecerspring

Adding an antenna feeder will cause losses and you will lose some of the net gain in the overall everzpring. Smart Home, made easy.


I don’t think the Yagi puts more power requirements on the sensor. BOFH on January 29, I had the same problem.

Everspring SM103

Some also send alarm frames when they are moved releasing tamper switches so it is best to install them permanently and them add them to the HC2. The latter lets you create your own condition names and associate condition expressions for these.

Did you miss your activation email? S-F on January 05, Originally posted by Eversspring View Post.