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Espartaco has ratings and reviews. Carissa said: My one-star rating of Spartacus is very subjective and likely unfair. I read the whole book in. Espartaco has ratings and reviews. Labeba said: الصياغة كانت جميلة لكن الراوي لم يكن منصفا بالنسبة للرومان الذين اظهرهم شبقين اغبياء ماديين وم. by Howard Fast First published Sort by. title, original date published, date published Espartaco (Paperback). Published October 28th by Edhasa.

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This article may lend undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, or controversies. If he had ever been anything else, weak or sentimental or loving or kind, there was no trace left now, no trace at all.

Howard Fast – Böcker | Bokus bokhandel

Heads You Win Jeffrey Archer. Normal People Sally Rooney.

He hopes that for some future edition, at a time when it would not subject them to danger and reprisal, to be able to name these people and extend personal thanks to each in turn. Farzane rated it liked it Aug 11, Lailabhn rated it did not like it Sep 08, This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Pretty good historical novel of the gladiator-slave who sparked a big revolt in Roman times.

Sebastian Castillo Dominguez rated it liked it Oct 26, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Open Preview See a Problem? Senate and battles other former slaves howarc white sharecroppers to keep the land that they tended all their lives.

Views Read Edit View history. Readers who may wonder at the absence of a publisher’s imprint are informed that this book was published by the author. Howard Fast — was one of the most prolific American writers of the twentieth century. The emphasis is on Spartacus, his life in the mines and as a gladiator; his character, powers of leadership esparraco dreams of a just society where exploitation and cruelty fst been eliminated. It was the hardest to write, and it was written during the most difficult time of my life; but when I finished it I had a good feeling of satisfaction and a job well done.


In The Case of the Sliding Pool, the collapse of a swimming espartacoo exposes the skeleton of a man. Spartacus was a fzst I wanted to read for quite a while. Spartacus stands as an eternal symbol of how man must fight against political systems that oppress man’s values:. A giant among American writers, he fought throughout his career to capture life in realistic terms.

The writer Julius Fast was his younger brother.

According to Fast in his memoir, 50, copies were printed, of which 48, were sold. In the novel, the esparhaco is told from the point of view of Romans remembering it, with flashbacks from various characters mixed in with rumored tales. AmirReza rated it did not like it Apr 20, The heroes of this story cherished human dignity, and lived nobly and well.

Böcker av Howard Fast

I guess the prolonged imagery of thousands of bodies hanging on crosses, the description of the slow death that Spartacus’s right-hand man David died on a cross, and the image of Spartacus killing the white horse that his followers gave to him what was the deal with that, anyway?

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. In particular, the real Gaius Gracchus died about ten years before the birth of Spartacus. My one-star rating of Spartacus is very subjective and likely unfair. Fst one can come away from the reading of this story hating Gracchus and Crassus and the rest for what they stand espartaaco and yet seeing the universal possibilities of good in each of them, then you have told about life as it really is See 1 question about Espartaco….


The structure of the book is sort of odd. Fast’s communist sympathies are pushed a bit too heavily in places, which can be jarring in an otherwise deftly written piece of historical fiction. Bette died in Primarily aimed at howars general reader through bookstore distribution, North Castle Books makes available, in handsomely bound paper editions, titles of Not my kind of book at all.

Spartacus av Howard Fast InbundenEngelska, A novel about slave revolt in the Roman Empire that takes place across the length of the Rome. I found that style disagreeably indirect. A classic of popular history, Howard Fast’s masterwork on the 4,year history of a people is now available in trade paperback.

Espartaco : Howard Fast :

This is not changed on the title page, but “The Blue Heron Press” is printed on the back cover. By the standards of a self published book, it was a great success, going through seven printings in the first four months of publication. In the late summer ofa racist mob protesting a concert by African-American singer Eepartaco Robeson assaulted working class blacks and whites with rocks and bottles in upstate New York. Jennifer Karns rated it liked it Aug 30, See 1 question about Espartaco….

I would say, if you’ve seen one of the performances and are at all curious goward the book, definitely read it. Archived from the original on September 15, The story itself was interesting, howzrd I enjoyed reading about the Gladiators lives more than those of the people in power.

Default edition of English language book faast in English 11 Aug 15, There was a problem filtering reviews right now.