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HWS® (HOLOGRAPHIC WEAPON SIGHT). See inside cover for distribution statement. NSN: (model ). EOTech Technical Manual ver. F. The Model HWS is the most affordable night vision compatible holographic sight Product Manual (PDF) Model Holographic Weapon Sight. EOTech manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration.

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Page 18 Holographic Window – Contains the embedded holographic reticle pattern that forms a virtual image of the reticle when illuminated by laser light. Doing that is against U. After the testing they fixed the detonators and the US Sub Captains started to get mznual more hits and kills.

It is the older model and has never been mounted. Watch any of the reviews on youtube, and they all have slight shift. There is also an SOUM out on them because the reticle has been disappearing at certain angles. The Navy or the Military needs to make sure that the weapons that are being procured for our men to use in war are the very best that they can be.

They found that the detonators on the torpedoes were being smashed when they hit something at the right angle and therefore the detonator was destroyed before it set off the explosives in the torpedoes. November 10, at Please contact L-3 EOTech for an estimate.

Allows for co-witnessing and also allows the shooter to maintain cheek-weld Figure The labels on the bottom of battery compartment show the correct battery orientation. Just a peon with an Internet connection.


More refinements More refinements This critical bit of information would have been a stand-alone article, but it added credence to the others and offered coherence to some otherwise inexplicable issues. Our temps fluctuate and we have had more to days in the pat few years.

In my opinion there is no perfect HWS, scope, nor weapon system. Well, this is disturbing. If you like them, what does it matter? I know I never will. Aside from all the POI shifts and fragility, the battery life was the killer from the get-go for me. Man, is it lightning fast at close range.

EOTech 553 User Manual

Vickers, In that unit you were in, if you were a gun guy or into gear, were you looked down on in any way or did people seek you out for your opinion? Am I trying to manua up with the ultimate in precision when under severe stress I wouldn t be within 12 inches let alone 2?

Serious question here and will expose my lack of understanding on optics.

Original case, manual, and loctite. In the meantime Ill just keep a close eye on the two I have left that are currently working and when they start to shit the bed like previous ones I have owned I will swap them out. This hood is pre-assembled at the factory. The reflex sight offers extremely fast target acquisition in Close Quarter Battle CQB using the large ring, and aiming precision in longer range engagements using the MOA Dot without obscuring the target.

I am thinking L3 got on someones bad side in Washington. EOTech Updates User Manuals EOTech seems to manua officially backed off their previous claims regarding mqnual temperature ranges as well as eitech free attributes. Not saying it was the sights only, but was it a factor? Otherwise, 525 will toggle to the Normal mode and saturates the image intensifier. It’s night vision-compatible and has been battle-tested by Special Forces units around the world.


Click on the Customer Service Tab in the menu bar and follow the instructions. Temp range on any given day is probably 70 to or so.

EOTech User Manual | 58 pages

All products listed in this online catalog are of the highest quality and intended solely for use by our military and law enforcement clients. It sucks and I like to have the confidence that I can drill tacks anywhere anytime but the reality is that just ain t the case.

If L3 has rubbed somebody the wrong way, I wonder if we will ever know. The center circle will still be distinguishable as one dot.

If the sight is turned on by pressing the UP button, it will automatically shut itself OFF 8 hours after the last pushbutton control is used. Good info for us mortal men to have.

EOTech – Wikipedia

October 21, at Why would you need LAV to answer this for you? That was not my intent. Old logo model in generic white box. However that said I have used a wide variety of optics in combat and in training, and I will say that I do like the features eeotech Eotechs. This frustrated many US Sub Captains for many months and cost more than a few lives.