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Houellebecq’s controversial novel, which caused an uproar in France last year, finally reaches our shores. Whether it will make similar waves here remains to be . An international literary phenomenon, The Elementary Particles is a frighteningly original novel–part Marguerite Duras and part Bret Easton Ellis-that. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Elementary Particles / Atomised by Michel Houellebecq.

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Not to mention atrociously written. There is only egotism. Feb 06, Pages Buy. Houellebeq age, the noise becomes increasingly insistent, like a dull roar with the occasional screech. The world is remade, and it is a better place — sort of.

The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq

Bruno’s upbringing is much more tragic as described: Houellebecq reinforces his point constantly with grisly, elementaru, and humiliating descriptions of sex acts. Return to Book Page.

Bruno, the older brother, has be An international literary phenomenon, The Elementary Particles is a frighteningly original novel—part Marguerite Duras and part Bret Easton Ellis-that leaps headlong into the malaise of contemporary existence.

Le particelle elementari – Italia. Parts reminded me of Sade, alternating sex descriptions and intellectual thinking, always provocative.

Some of it is easy to recognize, even when unpleasant, but there are other issues which require us to hang our heads at the plausibility that this is even human behavior. Horny is his normal state of mind.


The Elementary Particles

This category includes sex 29fuck 22make love 6orgy 6gang bang 3sleep with 1 houellebecs, get laid 1copulate 1and intercourse 1. Houellebecq provides none of these things. Later Michel went up to the priest as he was packing away the tools of the trade. I suppose I agree.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I was rather bored by descriptions of orgies and swinger night-clubs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I checked because sounded early. Paperbackpages.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Christiane looked at him tenderly, attentively; her eyes were a little tired. Notify elementar of new posts via email. Anyway, I understood what I could.

But I took a deep breath and I switched up my reading soundtrack and I pushed on and am very glad that I did. Michel experiences a revival of interest, too, as he sees himself at forty without a soul to care about him aside from his brother and his boss at the houellebbecq institute. A friend gave me The Elementary Particles as a present and I somehow find this symbolic — it opposes all partlcles hatred, unhappiness and suffering described in the book.

The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq | : Books

Still, it works quite well, and he almost pulls it off. Thus through sex we humiliate and are humiliated. The Art of Elementar Alain de Botton. However, when you relax and allow Houellebecq to drive the boat, you begin to see the genius in his methods. Top Blog at WordPress. When the Middle Hkuellebecq Aspires to Cold Nihilism Well, it seems there is hardly any point in contributing an other review, when so many people think “The Elementary Particles” “Atomised” in the UK is a “powerful,” “unflinching” book.


La sombra de la existencia: The Elementary Ele,entary – Canada. While he begins the book talking about his main character, Michel and then adding his half brother Bruno the perverted guy as well as related and associated characters, the real key to this book is about biology.

Atomised – Michel Houellebecq

Some of this contact progress to the stage of procreation, which is what humans also need to do: Bruno, the older, has become a raucously promiscuous hedonist himself, while Michel is an emotionally dead molecular biologist wholly immersed in the solitude of his work.

Michael is told by Annabelle’s mother that Annabelle had an abortion and a severe surgery. At best, they move in space and greet one another sadly. Unable to recognize our own divinity and perfection an idea explored through notions of elememtaryHouellebecq also states that man, as huellebecq species, is not equipped to cope with death.